What's the difference - Eastern and Roman Catholicism?

Basics for someone that knows not much about the differences please? More familiar with the Roman perspective.



Honestly, there should be no difference. In studying Eastern Orthodoxy, I was reminded of my cradle faith, Latin-rite Catholicism. When trying to revert to my cradle faith it seemed alien to me. I was put off by unnecessary parish by parish rules, deadlines, artificial time constraints, appointments made and broken, forms, and notarizations, etc. It all seemed like an unorganized machination meant to break someone’s spirit. It may just be the unorganized diocese I live in :shrug:

In Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism they care about your soul.

All part of the Catholic Church.

Just different rites etc

I see Western Christianity as tending more towards a practical approach to things. It is very systematic and likes to define things in precise terms. Eastern Christianity tends more towards contemplation, beauty, and mystery. Sort of like active religious orders vs. contemplative orders - or perhaps men vs. women. Though of course both lungs have both practical and mystical aspects.

One key difference in theology is Western Christianity’s emphasis on Redemption as the purpose of the Incarnation, whereas Eastern Christianity emphasizes our divinization as the main purpose of the Incarnation – though of course the two are interrelated.

I don’t know, the correct name for my church is the Latin church not the Roman one. I belong to the Latin church that uses the Roman Rite, the word Roman Catholic originated as an insult during the Protestant Reformation. I will tell you the differences between the Latin West and Eastern Christianity in general. What happened was different Apostles went to different parts of the world and while they still have some of the same basic structure of the same seven sacraments etcetera etcetera, there’s generally a different theological emphasis because of culture. So, for instance you have the Syriac and Greek speaking churches in the east and the Latin church in the west although some have adapted to their current situation since most Melkite Greek-Catholics would not speak Syriac,They would speak Arabic and they use Byzantine liturgy. I would also like to remind Western Christians that the Council of Trent did allow forms of worship(liturgical rites) even in the western church it wasn’t just what would now be called the tridentine Mass.

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