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What is the difference between providence and coincidence? I once attended an evangelist church service some years ago and the minister said there is no such thing as coincidence.
I tried this viewpoint for myself and it seemed completely wrong, it started to feel as if the whole world revolved around me and it took quite a bit to get out of that mindset, needless to say I no longer agree with that minister or attend that church.

However, there are some things that are not and how do you tell the difference or is it just safer to be thankful either way. Just wondering.


Thankfulness never goes amiss, full stop.



I don’t believe in coincidence, tho i may still use the word. I believe anything and everything is as GOD allows or wills. If you believe in GOD, how can you not? I believe i was supposed to get in a serious accident and survive so i could be saved. When people told me of the pics of the accident, they said it was bad. The very first thing i saw was a shroud around me. That blew my mind. I cried. Still took me awhile to get right with Him, but alive forever more. Praise GOD!


The providence of God, simply put, means that nothing happens without God’s approval.

So that would cut out coincidence. As we mere mortals understand it to mean.

If we believe in God’s providence, we cannot believe in coincidence.

Do a study of your own on this; it’ll be helpful to you.

God bless


Yeah to what they said. Just want to add that it doesn’t mean that God’s world revolves around you, but that your world revolves around God’s plan. That’s why we have “coincidence” when we can’t see the point of something.


I think the idea of God’s “approval” is a tricky concept. There would seem to be a difference between “approval” and God’s “permissive will.” Did God “approve” of the Titanic sinking? Of 9/11? Of the Black Death? Of the Holocaust?


Oops! Thanks for the correction Tarpeian Rock. Of course I know the difference but it needed to be clarified for those who may not.

The Titanic sinking, 9/11, the black death and the holocaust are all a result of the sin nature (or concupescense) which affected everyhing, us and nature. God did not approve of the above but He allowed it. Yes. A bit tricky to understand which is why it’s important to study up on His providence. The sin nature is another good study; a lot of people on this forum don’t understand that either.



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