What's the history behind the First Story of Creation?


The First Story of Creation is said to be newer than the Second Story. I’m wondering if this implies that it was written later to teach the Jews of the Sabbath, and possibly if they knew it was a newer story of creation but accepted it for a teaching tool.

Some reasons of thought:

  1. There was no Sabbath defined during or before Abraham’s time besides this writing. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  2. If we take the literal approach, the First Story of Creation (newer one) clearly wrote what took place at creation: a dome in the sky, light before the “two great lights” were created (compare the timings of Gen 1:3 and Gen 1:16). We now know that to be false. Again, this is just a literal comparison.

The NAB commentary says, “God’s creative activity is divided into six days to teach the sacredness of the sabbath rest on the seventh day in the Israelite religion.”

I’m assuming this means this was written for the Jews alive at the existing time, to teach them about the sabbath.

But if that’s the case, why did they have an older story (Second Story of Creation)? I’m wondering if the First Story of Creation is meant as a poetic teaching that came later - not to replace - but for Jews to use it as a teaching tool in that current society at the time.

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