What's the last thing you watched on TV?


:eyes: The revival of an Old Thread :eyes:

The First Travelling Saleslady
a 1956 Western comedy staring Ginger Rogers and James Arness

 The local weather report for today.


George Lopez::upside_down_face:, the reruns of his show are on when I get up early start coffee, pack kid’s lunch etc. The show is funny…:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


MASH reruns on MeTV


the lone ranger i dvr’ed off the cowboy channel

i don’t care for live tv but love to dvr old cowboy shows.


"A Christmas Carol"
The one with Patrick Stewart


M * A * S* H and right now I’m watching a movie I DVR’d on Turner Classic Movies called “Murder My Sweet”


Stranger Things.

It’s strange.


I watched hockey. The Leafs beat the Devils in overtime. :smiley:


DCI Banks on the ABC


Princess bride on dvr


The morning news show.


Mary Poppins :fleur_de_lis:




Watching this now. :slight_smile:


Guardians of the Galaxy.

Goofy but fun flick.


A Century on Film, episode “Staring Into the Abyss” (English language version; the original is in Japanese)


'The Philadelphia Story", on TCM…


NCIS New Orleans series


This really doesn’t count, hubby is watching the DVR’d episode of “The Walking Dead” with his headphones on and since I’m in the same room I may absently glance at it. But I HATE HATE HATE that show. I think it’s a waste of time and film and has no good qualities what so ever.

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