What's the longest adoration you have ever done?


I mean from the 40 hour eucharistic adoration. What did you pray and think about?

When you sign up for the adoration, what do you have to do? Do you just sit there and pray? Or are there tasks involved, sorry if that’s a silly question?


For conventional Perpetual Adoration you usually sign up to be there in front of the Blessed Sacrament for one hour at certain time on certain prescribed days. Someone has to be there 24/7. You can sit, kneel, stand or any combination. You can pray, read or just meditate. Since someone is supposed to be there at all times, if your relief doesn’t show up you could concievably be delayed for several hours. I know that I have been delayed on occasion.

Some Eucharistic Adoration ceremonies are more ritualized and follow a set pattern which includes prayers, hymns and readings by either the Priest of the Deacon and usually end with Benediction.


Rapt adoration is all that is needed. It alone is more than enough, since God is due, in the following order*: Adoration, Praise, Thanksgiving, Propitiation for our sin, and finally, Petition. Notice how we often reverse this order?


It’s not a silly question, this stuff can seem scary. :smiley:

The longest amount of time that I have spent in Eucharistic Adoration was 1.5 - 2 hours. If I am misled, someone can correct me, but I don’t think there is a set protocol for this (unless it is a special ceremony). Just be respectful. :cool: Sometimes I may pray the rosary, or I may just talk about stuff - whatever seems important, maybe about what I perceive to be harming me or keeping me from loving God fully, or about someone for whom I have concern. (I’m usually alone because my hour is early a.m., so there’s no one else to bother).


usually one hour scheduled stints … but one day I filled in for the previous guy … so two hours … but I got there a half-hour early and that allowed the previous previous guy to leave early [he was doing a double hour, as well]. So 2 1/2 hours.

My experience was so rewarding in terms of my spiritual experience, I could have stayed longer, but had to get to work.


I’ve done 3, 4, 5 hour stints once or twice. Really anything you do that’s respectful is fine. I’ve been known to make rosaries during the time.

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