What's the longest time


…you have spent in confession?


I usually lose all sense of time when I’m in there, but I have probably never been in longer than 15 minutes or so, and that was when I’d been away for three years and had a lot of sins to go through. :o The priest was very helpful but also very efficient (it was following a Good Friday service and the lines were quite long!)

If I made an appointment for confession or combined it with spiritual direction, it would probably take longer because there’d be more advice-giving.


I actually have no idea. I should have looked at my watch the last time I went in for a major examination of conscience and first confession in over a year; probably my longest confession ever. I did lose track of time in there. I’m used to kneeling for a long time but I recall my knees were even starting to hurt on the old wood kneeler (far less pain than I deserved, mind you)! I imagine it was 15 or 20 minutes. I’m glad I made an apointment and no one else was waiting to go in!


2 hours


Probably five minutes. And that’s only if the priest talks a lot. I like to get in and out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Three hours.

Good Friday, from 12 to 3.


That’s something:thumbsup:


30 minutes lucky there wasn’t anyone else waiting after me


An hour. I was confessing weekly at the time and had 45 seconds’ worth of sins to cite, but the priest (who did not know me) had a lot of questions. Nevertheless, when I exited the reconciliation room and faced those still in line, the amount of time my confession took was completely my fault. :shrug:


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