What's the Most Unsettling Movies you've ever seen?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be horror movies, which I’ve been watching a lot of recently and which I love. I mean movies that just didn’t sit well with you, that you would prefer to get the images out of your mind, but they stick with you, and continue to give you the creeps long after viewing.

These movies left me cold, and really, really wishing I’d never watched them, they were so disturbing to me…

One Hour Photo
The Good Girl
Little Children
Ghost World (though it’s not quite as bad as the others I mentioned)
American Beauty

Seven with Brad Pitt. I don’t know if I wish the images were out of my head but I found the whole justification behind the killer’s deeds to be unsettling.

Here’s my top five in no particular order:

  1. Natural Born Killers
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. American Me
  4. Colors
  5. American Beauty

I’ve seen some gore fests that make these seem mild. the Saw series is a good example. I walked away from Seven saying I’m never sinning again, so I think there’s some merit in that.(but guess what I did the next day)

I would even put Saw in the not totally gratuitous category since it is somewhat of an eye for an eye theme.

Silent Hill had a couple rough spots.

Now the Hellraiser series. Oopf. This might be the grandaddy

Event Horizon wins the award for most disturbing movie I enjoyed.

I’m trying to think of something I wish I never saw… I’ll have to get back to you, I may have to consult the wife, she doesn’t watch the gore but she might remember disturbing.

OOh just remembered… "the House of Sand and Fog

I really was not happy with the movie ‘sideways’.

A good friend very highly recommended the movie and I was disturbed and angry at the loose morals with no consequences portrayed in that movie. I really wished I had not seen it afterwards. I’m sorry but watching a man who is about to get married to a beautiful young bride…go on an escapade where he purposely cheats on his fiancee with as many women as possible is not entertainment. He even marries her at the end when he does not deserve her.

I’m sorry for the rant…that movie still makes me angry when I think about it. My friend told me I don’t have a sense of humor but when a movie is highly objectionable morally I have trouble laughing at the supposed funny parts.

Well, I might agree with other poster about “Seven” except I turned it off 15 minutes after it started.
The most unsettling movie I ever saw was American Psycho. Terrible movie, I just didn’t get it at all, apparently a lot of people thought it was a satire?

The Exorcist wins the prize for the most unsettling and disturbing film I’ve ever seen. The scene of the priest coming into the church and seeing the obscene defilement of the statue of Our Lady was just horrendous. That’s one film I’ll never see again.

The Exorcist is way up there at the top of my list, too. But the worst scene for me was the one with the little girl using the Crucifix, and I won’t say for what. It still makes me physically ill to think about.

“One Hour Photo”. I insisted on a digital camera after that one. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

Requiem of a Dream
One of the most disturbing movies i have ever seen. It is a very good movie just depressing. It has to do with drug use. It is disturbing but i highly recommend it.

absolutely. I wish I never saw that movie. And I was not too fond of Fargo either.

Mystic River(I loved it but the ending made me sick)

Wow, I’ve never seen any of those movies. :confused: The only one I’ve heard of was American Beauty but didn’t see that one either. From the other posts the only other movies I’ve heard of were the Exercist and Mystic River. I only saw Mystic River.

I usually don’t watch movies that I think would disturb me. But there is one movie that I did see that was very disturbing and that is THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Terrifying to me. Never want to see it again.

I agree with OP about American Beauty (was the first one that popped into my mind when reading the question) and Little Children. I think the most disturbing thing about them is that there truly are sick people in the world like the characters that disturbed us. Seven was also disturbing but not in the way that the other two are. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the Exorcist that I really can’t remember all of it.

  1. Seven was by the far the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. I think partly because I thought it was going to be a bit more like a Lethal Weapon type flick.

  2. Cape Fear with Robert DiNero because of the brutality of the rape scene. It literally made me sick.

  3. AngelHeart (I think it was made in the 80’s) with Lisa Bonet.

  4. The Serpant and the Rainbow based on a true story about zombies in Haiti (shudder).

I’ve never seen any of those Saw, Hostel or bondage and torture type movies. I figure there is enough real bad stuff in the world that creeps me out without paying for it. I pretty much stick to action, comedy and romance these days. :thumbsup:

How is it possible that Clockwork Orange hasn’t been mentioned yet?

Requiem of a Dream–most unsettling movie ever. Period.

When I finished Rashomon, I thought it was possibly the greatest movie I never wanted to see again.

The Trial (Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles) is one of my favorite movies ever, but still deeply disturbing – although that one I will watch again and again. What can I say, I adore Kafka :o And speaking of him, Steven Soderbergh’s biopic/fantasy Kafka deserves a mention.

Werner Herzog’s Heart of Glass is another one – although when I watched it, there weren’t any subtitles, and my German isn’t very good. It is strange: the actors were all hypnotized before filming began each day, and move and speak as if they’re dreaming. The movie also has one of the slowest barfights ever.

If you want to get into gross-out movies, sure, but those aren’t really unsettling – distasteful, perhaps, but not disturbing. Ichi the Killer was pretty ridiculous, and of course there’re GWAR’s ‘home movies’ with buckets upon buckets of cheesy ‘special’-effects gore.

Of the ones whose names I remember, Seven, Hellraiser II, Four Rooms, Nightmare Three (I think it was) and probably Das Boot. That last was a two-cassette picture, to give you the genuine feeling of being trapped in a doomed sub on red light so long everyone goes insane and the pressure can’t hold. Whooaa – I was glad when it was finally over. Interesting though. Dune had some ugly moments, too, but they passed quickly for me. The Exorcist was sickening. Ever see Brimstone and Treacle? Urp. How about the Hitcher?

A Walk to Remember. DO NOT WANT.

Actually, the only time I’ve gotten up and left during a movie was for the “gore” version (rather than the “suspense” version - two versions of it were made with some of the same actors and came out within a year of each other) of that most recent Exorcist prequel. I felt foul.

There are a lot of books I wish I hadn’t read.

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