What's the name of this Mother & Child painting?


What’s the name of the Mother & Child painting and who is the artist from the cover of this True Devotion book? Thx! :o


It does not say inside the book. :frowning:


What a great cover! :slight_smile:


I just finished reading it for the first time. It’s really amazing. Brilliant, super theology. :o


It looks similar to Celine’s (St. Therese’s sister) painting. When you do find out who the artist is let us know please and thank you? Is there a website in the book or you can contact tanbooks maybe they could help you out with your answer.

God bless,


Hi:) It is Our Lady of Good Counsel. Here is a link to an article about it! campus.udayton.edu/mary//meditations/Fall99.html.


THANKS!!! I see one could get it as a print for only $12. And a big one for $20. :slight_smile:


I always used to eat chocolate bars while reading it, because eating helps me digest material.

Here are some links on the book:


There has to be some irony there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for finding this out…Beautiful.

God bless,


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