What's the official Italian catholic bible translation in Italy?


I’m curious about buying one on Amazon…


Their lectionery was changed in 09 but I think they still use a version of the Jeruselem bible. Catholic truth society sells them in multiple european languages. Hard to find in the states, takes about 3 weeks to get. ctsbooks.org/
Of course you can get English jb from amazon, but cts english is a nice bible too.


I believe it is the Bibbia CEI. That stands for “Bible of the Conference of Italian Bishops,” the CEI being the Italian equivalent of the American USCCB. The website of the CEI links to that Bible and it appears to have been translated soon after the formation of the CEI in 1974, and revised in 2008.

Here’s the BibleGateway version: biblegateway.com/versions/?action=getVersionInfo&vid=3 - You can read it online from this site, but the book information page doesn’t tell you anything useful about its origin. For that I went to the Italian CEI website and used Google Translate to translate its links.

Here’s an Amazon page where you can purchase a hard copy: amazon.com/sacra-Bibbia-Nuova-edizione-ufficiale/dp/8821561577/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1392487697&sr=8-4&keywords=bibbia+cei

Also see here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_translations_into_Italian


Thank you!

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