What's The Point Of It?


YOu know, people often claim that atheists are the most evil bunmch of people around because they have no morality to them aqnd are probably murderers and child kilelrs because of it.

But, I sometimes highly question the point of forgiveness to allow people into heaven. After all, the most horrible of people that are child kills and genocidal maniacs can go to heaven if they confess their sins.

So God is so loving of us all that he’ll let even the most monstrous of humans into heaven if only they’d just confess their sins to Him.

So why should I want to go to heaven knowing that I’ll be keeping the company of all those horrible people? I don’t want to go to a place where all kinds of monstrous people are around me.


If they repent, they are no longer horrible. They may still have the effects of sin on their soul, but these will be purged away in purgatory.


Sin doesn’t exist in Heaven. It is not possible to sin there. It is the soul that goes to Heaven not the flesh.



Exactly - people have to do a whole lot more - whether on earth or in purgatory afterwards - than merely say they are sorry in order to make it to heaven.

They basically would have to repent (meaning to DO penance) as well as verbally and/or mentally asking for God’s forgiveness and become a very different person to the one who committed those horrible sins.

No one enters heaven until they are perfected and conformed to Christ, so there ain’t no monsters there.


Didn’t the Church get rid of Purgatory in 2005?


If it did, that’s news to me.


You’re probably thinking of Limbo, which was never really in the ‘deposit of faith’ to begin with. And I think the end result of all that was basically ‘think whatever you like’.


Why do you hate me so much? I am a monster and i sometimes hate God. But is it not the greater good to wish for the transformation of evil people rather then the destruction of them? The tranformation of evil is the greatest good and the greatest triumph! That is the nature of Love.

It is true that people will go to hell, but God would rather that they freely accepted him and went to heaven.

Anyway, what is so special about you that you ought to go to heaven; are you not a sinner?

Peace and God bless.


I don’t believe in the Christian concept of heaven and hell. I do believe that our soul/self/consciousness evolves over the eons and that our choices on earth either enable our progress or hinder it. So if I live a “bad” life, my spiritual growth will be slowed as a result. It will delay me on my spiritual path to heaven/enlightenment. So folks who do “bad” things do actually pay, kind of like kharma I guess, IMO. But it’s not an eternal punishment by any means.


interesting concept. If I may be so bold, what is your understanding of the Christian concept of heaven and hell?


My understanding is the one accepted by most Christians. When we die we are judged by God. If we have lived a “bad”, don’t repent, or if we refuse to accept Christ as our Savior (or some combination of the three) then we go to hell. If we repent/accept we get to go to heaven. Both are eternal. In heaven we are with God (as understood in Judeo/Christian theology) and in hell we are not (i.e., God is absent, thus we are tormented by our inabililty to be with God - makes no sense when you think that it was the denial of the J/C God that got you there in the first place - so why should it upset you?).

I should add that I have finally reached the point where I no longer find J/C meaninful/believable/sensible. But, hey, that’s just me. :shrug:


I have no clue. That’s what I am trying to find out for myself.

I simply want to know what heaven is like before I die. Because if it isn’t any different than what my life is now then I don’t want any part of it. If it is something that is static and never changes, I want no part of it. I just don’t want to do the same thing over and over again for all eternity. That’s insanity.


if only they’d just confess…

Because you would be in the presence of One who so loved all those “monsters” etc …


There is a massive difference between “confessing your sins” and being truly repentant while confessing your sins.

The latter case is the only way to be reconciled with God. Truly monstrous people, without Divine intervention which truly changes them (makes them no longer monstrous), are not truly repentant. Therefore, your worry is basically a non-issue; there are no monstrous persons in Heaven.


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