What's the reason of miscarriages?

If unbaptized children go to hell and if unborn children have souls, why are the miscarriages so common?

The Church does not teach that unbaptized infants or unborn babies who die go to hell.

This link may be useful to you. Briefly, it reminds us that:

[quote=]The Catechism teaches that infants who die without baptism are entrusted by the Church to the mercy of God, as is shown in the specific funeral rite for such children. The principle that God desires the salvation of all people gives rise to the hope that there is a path to salvation for infants who die without baptism (cf. CCC, 1261)

Miscarriage is an unfortunate and sad reality, but it does not indicate God’s callousness. God bless.

great answer!

Good answer. I’d only point out, for the sake of completeness, that the Church also doesn’t teach that unbaptized infants go to heaven. We really don’t know what happens to them. The Church recommends the theological virtue of hope (which is the opposite of both despair - they definitely go to hell, and of presumption - they definitely go to heaven).

The Church’s theologians have been divided on this issue. You can read more here:

Where do Unbaptized Babies Go When They Die?

The unborn, un baptized souls do not suffer hell or purgatory. Those little souls go to Limbo, a place between heaven and the upper levels of purgatory. They need little prayer to be released into heaven. Pray for them daily, they’re not far from reaching heaven… they feel God’s warmth where they are every living moment.

I think every birth and every death necessary. Death isnt easy to understand- and it certainly feels unfair, but our faith teaches us to pray and trust in God’s will. Everything he allows to happen is for our greater good- even when it hurts to the point of madness. We are called to turn to God in our times of trouble, maybe the death of an infant or unborn child may be the very thing used to bring someone closer to God. It may be a debt (pay it forward so to speak) that saves someone later from eternal damnation.

I have had 2 babies die before birth and I trust them to the Love and Mercy of God. I named and buried them both.God Bless, memaw

Miscarriages are unfortunate, God doesn’t cause them.

A few years ago Pope benedict XVI ended (not sure of the proper word) the limbo of infants.

I am sure these souls go to Purgatory for a short spell before getting to Heaven.

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