what's the right thing to do, if...

…it came right down to it, you were confronted with the option to either lay your life on the line to maintain your belief, or lie about your beliefs to save your skin? Be honest.

Until I’d be in that situation I cannot say. I would hope to stand up for my faith–but it would only be by the grace of God.

I think we all hope we would do the right thing, but we don’t know until (God forbid) we are actually presented with that scenario, right? Or an even worse scenario, like a thug with a gun to our child’s head saying that he will kill her unless we renounce our Lord. Thank God those of us in the western world are seldom presented with this choice today.

You know, I’ve thought about this. But I’m not sure God would judge our answer based on that scenario. Until I had children, I would have said “I would never renounce our Lord.” But now that I have kids, I realize I wouldn’t let my child die either. So I might say whatever the aggressor wanted me to say, but God knows our heart. To renounce the Lord would mean a formal renunciation, in my mind, not simply say some words to spare the life of your child. Much like simply saying “I accept Christ” doesn’t necessarily mean a person will instantly begin loving and serving God. Actions speak louder than words!!


I would hope to stand by my faith just as the early martyrs did. Their children were slain along with them.

I hope God would give me the strength that all the martyrs were given to keep their faith and die for it.

I hope in my every day life I stand up for my faith when I hear someone tear it down, and if I cannot do just this small thing how can I hope to die for my faith.

I pray that God will be my strength always in every situation.

Prague, do you have children?


I agree with the other poster - God knows I would NEVER deny Him in my heart - but I would say whatever it took to stay alive to care for my children. No question in my mind. They need their Mom & watch me lie up and down to save their life as well.

Right or wrong, that is my honest answer.

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