What's the state of the Church in China?


I wasn’t paying too much attention to Pope Francis’ affairs with China’s Patriotic Church, (I think that’s right name for it.) so I don’t know what exactly that state of the Church is in China now. I want to start praying for Catholics in China, but I don’t what the states are for the Patriotic Church and Underground Church, so I’m not sure what exactly to pray for, what is the state of the two? Is one in Schism, or are both not in Schism, or are thing more complicated?


The Chinese “Patriotic Church” is in schism. The underground Chinese Catholics are in communion with the Holy See.

I strongly suggest googling “Theresa Marie Moreau” and check out her website. Her books are excellent. Her book An Unbelievable Life: 29 Years in Laogai is absolutely essential reading. (I read it and reviewed it on Amazon. :wink:)


China is officially atheistic and they want to suppress all religious activity. China is taking great measures to control the developments when the current Dalai Lama passes away. They don’t want any resurgence of Buddhism.


Apparently, the Vatican and CCP might compromise soon. Francis will recognize excommunicate bishops in exchange for the CCP recognizing the bishop of Rome as the head of the Chinese Catholic Church.


A few weeks ago CNA carried a very disturbing report about the “Sinicization” program

… And just four days ago, an update on Sinicization from Crux:


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