What's the theme of your 2009 calendar?

In 2008 I had a few religious calendars sent to me. 2009 only our parish calendar. Also have many Hawaii calendars. I’m especially interested in getting a religious one for work if you have any suggestions.

The parish calendar. It’s free. This year we are all about free.

our parish calendar is from Catholic Extension, and has a series of saint pictures an bios each year, simply lovely. I also like the calendar from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, classical renditions of Mary’s image.

Let’s see, we have the parish calender in the kitchen, a Franciscan missions calender in the computer room, a St. Jude calender in the bedroom…a Hello Kitty calender (my mother’s) in the dining room, and a Dresden Files calender in my room. Very eclectic mix. :: Laughs gently::

Our Lady Of Guadalupe – very nice art on it – tiles, mosaics and such.

I never really thought about calendars until I worked at Day by Day Calendar (the kiosk run by Borders). I was amazed at how seriously people take their caledars!! One got mad at the poodle calendar for the year since none of the dogs on it “looked like her baby”. There was this big, tough biker looking guy who bought the teddy bear calendar every year. The Lang Company has several series of calendars and people were devoted to them. When I worked there, that was when I first heard of Thomas Kincaid. Meh. To me, all his buildings look like they are on fire.

My family has always used the Extension Society’s calendar. It has the Church feast days on it.

We don’t really do calendars, since we have computers, and most people are more than pleased to tell us what day of the month it is anyhow.

But if we get one, I hope we can find a nice classic Surrealist or maybe Expressionist themed one, maybe.

:amen: It has everything necessary–all the Holy Days of Obligation, the fast and abstinence days, and when Easter is. That’s all I need. :shrug:

My Lutheran Brother in law gave me this for Christmas. Have it up on my office wall.

Same here, this year for 2009 the theme is “Our Faith Depicted Through Art”. This month is a beautiful picture of the conversion of St. Paul.

I’ll probably just use the calendar on my Macbook, but if I can find a Rothko calendar, I’ll buy it.

The jonas brothers…lol

At work I have the calendar given out by the area crisis pregnancy center. Each month features a baby who’s mom was helped by the center. Had one last year, too.

At home the calendar has a Camelot theme but it’s really just Pre-Raphealite art. Pre-Raphealite is hard to find. Lots of Monet, Van Gogh, even Frida Kahlo and others but pre-Raphaelite is rare in calendars.

Oh, I also have a mini that has a “simplicity” theme.

Yep - we are too!!! :thumbsup:

Our parish calendar this year was created by our parish and has BOTH the EF and OF days on it - the saint days and feast days for the different calendars. I guess it was no small feat to put it together. They are not totally free though, they are $2, but a small price to pay for something like this.

I have a parish calendar at the back door, and a small desk flip over calendar that came free in the mail from Northwest Airlines. FREE!!! :thumbsup:


When I was a kid my mom always had a parish calendar on the wall. This year I don’t think our parish made a calendar.

I have the vintage university of michigan calendar from asgard press. I’ve had that calendar for a few years now. It’s reprints of old uofm football program covers. Pretty cool. Lookie.

I have one from my church with saints and one with sunflowers

We have our parish calendar (from catholicextension.org) on our refrigerator.

My sister’s got a Naruto themed one hanging on her side of the bedroom. I still need to get one for myself. Considering buying a WALL·E themed one I saw online.:smiley:

I have a parish calendar featuring Mary, mother of God.

We have a cocker spaniel calender, a springer spaniel calender, a black cat calender, a parish calender from Catholic Ext., a Do it Best calender from my hardware, and an old Kathy Ireland calender. (Overkill)? But we always know what date it is.

I have the “Nuns Having Fun” calendar. I get the new one every year.

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