whats the use

whats the use talking with atheist…
this is what one atheist said when talking about the contents of the dead sea scrolls on yahoo
**beeker924: ginxy I heard in one of those scrolls they discovered that Jesus when he was a kid would kill his friends and then bring them back to life
[font=Arial] how can one argue against such stupidity?[/font]
[font=Arial]they then went on and tried to use the da vinci code as proof that jesus married mary magdaline(sp)…

It’s hard, but I believe the story referred to with Jesus as a child comes from the Gnostic Infancy Gospel of Thomas in which there are some really weird stories. :eek: Hope this helps. I have talked with atheists before, and once again, the case depends on the indivdual and how open they are to the Truth and God’s Grace. I wouldn’t give up altogether on atheists as a whole. Thanks and God Bless.

That doesn’t necessarily sound like an atheist, just someone who is uneducated and obtuse

If a person comes to atheism after serious reflection…… fine, that’s their choice

But to do it out of intellectual laziness or just sloppily reading something on the web…there just ain’t no excuse for that :frowning:

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