What's the weirdest reason you've heard for someone converting to Catholicism?


Once while I was listening to Catholic Radio, an older southern former Protestant gentleman one day said he realised while on a trip to the Holy Land that “the Catholic Church was onto something because they got a really good jump on some prime real estate”.

Can anyone top that?


Catholic schools.
He did not want his kids to go to public school. Through mutual friend he found out that he just had to be a consistent giver in Diocese. He joined church. So for 500 bucks a month all four kids get a private school education which would have been 1500 a month at most private schools around here.
Weird and BAD reason…but maybe it turned out ok…I dont know:shrug:


I came from a Presbyterian background, which means teetotalism - no smoking, no gambling, no drinking etc.

So I’ve got my joke ready if called on to give a testimony…

"I found it hard to put my finger on it. Oh, it wasn’t anything in particular, but it just seemed that there was something missing, that somehow, it just didn’t quite all hang together. Sure we had the Bible, and some pretty good sermons, but it, just, well, I dunno, somehow there was just a sort of incompleteness…

So I joined the Catholic Church.

And it all just fell into place!



Bob, I think you have the best one. I converted from Mormonism, but I was underage anyway :rotfl:

I coverted so I could demonstrate loyalty to my mother, who was also converting. My parents both left the Mormon church after they divorced. My dad became Buddhist. My mother is a committed Unitarian today. I was also engaged and I wanted to get married in a pretty church, but I never did that because my fiance got wrapped around the axle about marriage preparation. C’est la vie.



I remember talking to a Protestant mate of mine who’s a bit of a comedian. We got to talking about crossing the floor, and he remarked, “Say, you couldn’t get the Pope to come across, could ya?”


Because the Virgin Mary “called” him.

Wow, how stupid.

And that’s been my story.


Though not a reason for my converting, I will say I enjoy wine over grape juice. :wink:


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