What's up with Avon?


I’ve been buying Avon products for years and have always likes their family image. Lately I’ve noticed more and more immodesty in their brochures, suggestive clothing, and the promotion of using sex to sell. There is no need to have an adult female pose, barely covered, on fluffy towels, for example. Where are the cute babies who are appropriate in such photos?
I’m going to contact Avon and tell them to clean up their brochures, or it’s adios! I hope others will, as well.

Avon Products
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


Yes there was a catalog in my office (I share it with a woman) I was shocked to see basically nude males and females alike. For a company who from what I understand has a large conservative following it is a very curious turn of events.


I sell Avon and the only one with anyone on the front cover that is remotely “naked” is one with Reese Witherspoon on it. Others have products on the front cover so please tell me which one you are talking about?

For reference, find the Campaign number either somewhere near the word Avon on the front cover or, on the back cover above the address.

Brenda V.


that’s interesting usually I see Avon brochures with products in the front of a cute little girl with the little girl lipgloss or something but I haven’t shopped Avon in years…things seem to change up a bit with the need to sell more and sex is the way to go it seems…

Every where I look, for DIOR and other campaigns there are half naked women there…Or men alike…It’s like UHM??? Seriously?? It doesn’t make me want to buy the perfume or product any more because first of all I am not looking like a perfect doll, and the smell or product will not make me look like a perfect doll it actually makes me not like the product at all!? But I guess to others it seems appealing???

That’s interesting…


I’m guessing kbpipes is referring to all the bare chested men, women’s cleavage, and female models with nothing but small pieces of cloth draped over what must be covered. Not exactly “naked” but not necessary, and not leaving much to the imagination, either! Last brochure they had a holiday dress with black lace and skin-colored underneath, in a mini-skirt fashion.


Yup. I think it’s high time we show ANY company who tries to sexualize their products that we’re NOT buying! Hit 'em in the pocketbook, and they might just start to get it.


I have no idea about Avon, but has anyone seen that commercial…I think it’s Nike maybe? for those sneakers that have resistance in them to help work your leg and glute muscles while walking…

Well there is a woman in the commercial in these shorts…if you can call them shorts, more like underwear…and she’s talking about these shoes an how they’ll give you a great butt:rolleyes: and the camera all of a sudden focuses waaaaaaay in TIGHT on her rear end!!! I mean, up close and personal and she barely has her buns covered, BARELY.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it…honestly. :eek::eek: I mean really…I need to get an up close look at some woman’s rear end to be sold on some silly shoes??? Why is this acceptable!!! I don’t get marketing this way, I really don’t. It only says to me “our product is worthless”.


SERIOUSLY! It’s ridiculous!! It’s like “oh yeah so if I wear this product or perfume or whatever it is I will look like this???” lol

Please! It’s ridiculous!! I don’t understand them but believe me I am not buying not at all!!! I like smelling great, but I won’t go and buy something that shows me a half naked person on the pics esp since that doesn’t help me want to buy anything but bothers me about why in the world a half naked person needs to be in the picture when I am interested in the product?! Doesn’t make sense…


Oh my gosh, YES! DH and I just sat there, stunned, and looked at each other in disbelief. Extremely inappropriate and really, who are they trying to sell too? It looks like an ad designed to appeal to guys, but it’s for women’s shoes. I would honestly feel gross purchasing those shoes after seeing that commercial.


Yup I’ve seen it and it’s disturbing! My fiance was with me when I saw it and I was like great show my fiance someone else’s little skinny *** just because you think it’s attractive? First of all her butt isn’t all that great and if mine is going to look like that wearing those shoes I don’t want them! LOL I thought it would show someone with really great walking butt!!! :wink: lol jkjkjk

I think its sick…not only that but I am sure my kids have even seen the commercial what kind of example are they showing our kids that it’s ok for you to be showing off your bodies like that for a pair of shoes??? What in the world?!


Okay, I went through all the brochures I have and found the objectionable pictures.

I suggest that instead of saying “no I won’t buy any Avon” you tell them “I won’t buy those products” but please also tell them which campaign, what the product is being sold and the page numbers. Be specific. If you want me to tell you what page and what product and what was objectionable about the picture PM me and I will look that information up for you.

Brenda V.


OK… I exaggerated a bit, but yes those are the photos I am talking about.


I have seen that too. This is for woman’s shoes but your getting up close and personal with another woman’s butt? Ok, that’s a really great way to turn the women off your product. Sorry, but I’m not interested!

For me any product designed for woman that sexualizes woman turns me right off of it.


Looked thru my Avon book this morning and wasn’t a bit shocked at the 2 things I saw that could be objectionable. Come on people get a life . I also looked at Penney’s ad, Kohl’s, Macy’s, on and on and saw much worse. My husband when he was a kid as did others read the Sears cataloug fo kicks and they are all normal.:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:


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