What's up with this picture?

If you see closely at Jesus’ hands(His right hand),you can see Him doing a “middle finger sign”:eek:(sorry,i dont know what they call it =) ).For me,I dont think Jesus would ever do something like that.:slight_smile:
I think its the artist who painted it like that.:shrug:

I don’t think I see it, plus why worry about it?

Thats not his finger, its the clasp on the belt.

I don’t see it either, his fingers are sort of curled. Whatever the case, it is a serious study -I think English Pre-Raphaelite school influenced, mid to late 19th century so I don’t think they would admit someone giving someone else ‘the bird’.


I agree with the others, He is not giving us the “bird” . I can see His thumb on the outside and 2 fingers under the loop on the belt. Maybe He is trying to be the Fonze,ehhh!!! :smiley:

I think you’re right (not about the Fonze! :D). Jesus was always pictured with his first two fingers partially extended with His right hand raised, which is supposedly how He taught in real life. I wonder if the artist was signifying that since Jesus was conversing with His mother He put away His teaching fingers! :hmmm:

Well, you guys are right.I must have overlooked it.:smiley:

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