What's with A&E's facination in trying to destroy Christianity?

The Unknown Jesus


From the description:

He is perhaps the most famous man who ever lived. But it is possible he never lived at all.

Jesus Christ left a legacy of love, yet some of history’s worst atrocities have been committed in his name. And much of what we think we know about Jesus is the result of assumptions and tradition, not historical fact. Some may find THE UNKNOWN JESUS disturbing and even heretical, but this fearless BIOGRAPHY® probes the truth about the man that millions believe was the Son of God. It starts with the basics–His name–and even there the problem is clear, for archeological evidence proves that Nazareth did not exist until three centuries after His death, and Christ (from the Greek word for the savior) was added to His name long after His death. With the help of scholars like Hershel Shanks, editor of the Biblical Archeology Review and author Holger Kersten (The Jesus Conspiracy), we’ll trace the origins of the stories of Jesus that have come down to today. And we’ll examine the latest discoveries and theories that are challenging many long-held assumptions about Jesus.

Armed with ancient sources like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the papyrus books at Nag Hammadi, and long overlooked writings from the early church, modern scholars are making an impact with new theories on the most important figure of the Western World.

The owner of the A&E Channel (as well as the History Channel, Biography Channel, etc.) is A&E Television Networks, who’s joint owner is ABC Inc. ABC Inc., as we all know, is owned by The Walt Disney Company. The current President/CEO of Disney is Robert Iger, who comes from a Jewish family. Coincidence?

Look at the money. What audience are they after? The advertisers are a clue to that. I don’t watch TV anymore so I can’t tell you who advertises on A&E. But they are notorious for historic inaccuracy and reporting nonsense as if it were accepted by scientists, historians and archaeologists when it is not. The anti-Christian bias of many cable channels is well-known and has been for a long time now.

Yes that awful, but it’s not going to change anyones faith if they are strong.
And isn’t it a bit racist to point out the whole Jewish thing? I don’t think his nationality has anything to do with his beliefs. Just because I’m German doesnt mean I’m going to go and become a nazi.

He is obviously anti-Christian but that probably has nothing to do with the fact that he comes from a Jewish family. We can not judge a person’s motivations. Only God can do that.

A&E, Discovery, History channels are all horrible when it comes to Christianity. They take every opportunity to try to discredit traditional christian belief while pushing any and all alternative or fringe christian beliefs that can be found. I refuse to watch their religious themed shows.

Well, you can get all worked up about shows like this, or you can take the opportunity to take an honest look at what we know about Jesus.

The truth of the matter is that there are historical problems with the gospel accounts (e.g., the census of Quirinius in Lk 2). In the case at hand, there is disagreement among historians as to whether or not the town of Nazareth existed in the time of Jesus. Clearly the creators of the show think they have found conclusive evidence that it didn’t, but I doubt they can prove that.

Then why did the OP include that tidbit with the tagline “Coincidence?”. That is nothing short of blatant anti-Semitism and it demeans this site to host it. Still, I do not advocate censorship but rather a colletive condemnation of such bigotry.

Findings and hypotheses are part and parcel with scientific exploration, whether or not we like what we may discover. God is God and will always be God no matter what human scientists discover. None but the weak in faith need worry about furthering human knowledge.

Furthering human knowledge? This is a blatant attempt to distort human knowledge and should be condemned.

There is a “Bible Explanation Industry” out there that wants to replace God with the mind of man, which is currently being worshipped by some.

God bless,

And just which objectively measureable facts do we pick and choose to keep or discard? Upon what grounds can we ignore a quanitified reality? When the furthering of science is described as “a blantant attempt to distort human knowledge,” I cannot help but consider the plight of Gallileo. And just what is this “Bible Explanation Industry” but a convenient bogeyman to keep the ignorant cowering in the dark? While I would not be surprised if some ridiculous claims have been made, the scientific community will weigh and judge them accordingly. Peer review is one of the strengths of sciencentific exploration. Merely tossing out an idea because it challenges preconcieved notions is not (generally) tolerated.

As a Catholic man strong in my faith, I’ll stand beside the inquiring scientist rather than the fear-mongering, closed-minded and ignorant “faithful”.

How dare you call the faithful Christians close-minded and ignorant! I’ll take the words of the Church fathers and the Holy Bible any day of the week, over a few wacko scientists and television programs. In case you haven’t noticed, there is an agenda by these channels to discount anything Christian, especially Catholic, as pure superstition. I’d make it a point to not watch any of this garbage if I were you.

I don’t think that orthodox Jewish beliefs would fare well with A&E either.

Personally if they want to attack religious beliefs why stop with Christianity? Why not explore the basis for Islam or Buddhism?

I imagine there are relatively few viewers who are familiar with the roots of Buddhism and not altogether that many who are as interested in either Buddhism or Islam as there are viewers interested in Christianity. Also, if they ran such a show on Islam, they’d run a more than slight risk of being blown up.

I’m not an anti-Semite. Regardless of what his background was, if he was a non-Christian (which is the case), I would have pointed it out, because I can boldly say that if a Christian was a top guy in the company, the show never would have aired. Like I said, I’m not an anti-Semite, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this show was aired on a channel that is partially run by a Jewish man. I’m not saying all Jews are anti-Christian, just this one in particular.

If a show was aired on A&E glorifying the KKK, for example, and a black person saw it and noticed the president of the company was white, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that if the president had been a black man, the show would not of aired?

Okay, I normally resist the urge to be a grammar Nazi, but the use (or non-use) of the subjunctive is one of my pet peeves. One of the few uses of the subjunctive left in English is to express conditions contrary to fact.


Incorrect: If the Earth was flat, … [contrary to fact–the Earth is not flat]

Correct: If the Earth were flat…

Incorrect: If I was a Buddhist, … [again, contrary to fact–I’m not a Buddhist]

Correct: If I were a Buddhist, …

P.S. it’s “would have” not “would of”

What is with this interminable quest for victimhood with some people?

I did NOT call faithful Christians anything. Rather, I stated that I would not stand with anyone who was closed minded and ignorant even if they call themselves “faithful”. You see, those quotes I threw in there weren’t just decorative, they convey meaning. I’d advise anyone to be sure to read my entire post before leaping to any confrontational accusations.

Sorry. That just does not wash even though you may have convinced yourself of the validity of that rationale.

First you’ve convinced yourself that all Christians experience their faith the same way as you do and would, therefore, respond to this (or any) material in the same manner. That seems a rather self-centered, narrow way of thinking. Secondly, the pedigree of this particular show on this particular network, a subsidiary of another, larger conglomorate, itself a subsidiary… ad nauseum. Well, that’s so far removed from “this particular” Jew as to constitute such a contorted stretch that it would qualify you for a circus sideshow. IOW: you’re reaching big time. And it is in large part because you made such an effort make that connection to a Jew that your conclusion is anti-Semitic. Thirdly, it is only when called on the carpet do you begin to backpeddle a bit and (seemingly) exonerate most Jews except “this one”. No doubt some of your best friends… yeah, right. And finally, you equate an historical exploration into the historical chronology of life of Jesus with “glorifying the KKK”?! Unfortunately, I cannot adequately convey the insulting baseness and utter ridiculousness of this juxtaposition without violating the rules of conduct and my own personal sense of honor and dignity as it extends to dealing with people lacking certain…qualities.

I will pray that God will someday grant me the patience necessary to engage such people respectfully, but as yet such has not been His will. I may well have to abandon this thread until He graces me with the necessary compassion.

Thank you for the correction. I drive my own self crazy saying of instead of have. The funny thing is that I keep correcting my children for repeating my own grammer mistakes.:blush:

I’d be interested in a documentary on Buddhism but admittedly I’d want a fair treatment of the religion not some hatchet job. So, in all honesty I probably wouldn’t watch a show on Buddhism that was as blatantly unfair to the religion as A&E sometimes air on Christianity.

As far as Islam goes, sadly yes, I think that the fact that some of its adherents are more violent extremist frightens the media.

It should be pointed out that secular Jewish people have no more religious leanings then nonpracticing Catholics. They belong to the Jewish religion more by default of birth then beliefs. Some of the negative portrayals of the bible go against their own religion also. There is much in Orthodox Judiasm that agrees with Catholicism. A&E’s viewpoint does tend to be antiChristian but that has nothign to do with Judiasm.

I already know to ignore any of the shows on tv that have anything at all to do with my faith. If everyone did that I would imagine that such shows would eventually die away.

I’m sorry, I’m stuck on the description of the show:

Christ (from the Greek word for the savior) was added to His name long after His death

They’re stating this as if Christ is Jesus’s last name.

This is a shocker?? To whom?

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make sense. Your saying your not anti-semite, but are also clearly saying that his being Jewish is a factor in his anti-chritianity. I doubt that his being Jewish has any factor in that. I have Jewish relatives, so whenever I see this kind of attack it does anger me.
And comparing it to the KKK is very different and not a good example.

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