What's with all the skulls?


When I go shopping with my 16-yr-old daughter, I see a skull motif on all kinds of clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry–you name it. Why is it so popular?


Probably has to do with the recent pirate fad.


The pirate fad, and come on, it’s Halloween season already, don’t you know?



I saw happy looking, pastel skulls in the Levi’s/ Docker outlet today. —KCT


I saw it on a baby’s ROMPER two days ago! YIKES! Yuck!

Could it have something to do with Harley Davidson fans?


Think of it as like the hippie flower; it’s the way a segment of this generation expresses thier individuality… by all dressing alike.:stuck_out_tongue:


check out this thread if you’re already horrified…

It’s pirates, btw…



memento mori…danse macabre…Hamlet with Yorick’s skull…the skull is one of my fav art motifs. and it’s so catholic! :wink:


I noticed all the skulls on the kids clothes too. My boys’ schools do not allow any clothing with skulls so it is making it hard to find decent clothes. The clothing industry needs to realize that the skulls have got to go. :o


Yes, in my experience it’s often worn alongside that other Catholic motif, the devotion to St Peter (the upside-down cross)!


Sadly, I think I know the answer to this one, since I work as a teacher…

The happy pastel skulls are a fashion statement that stems largely as a result of the “punk princess” movement that’s being popularized right now by musicians like Avril Lavigne. It takes much of the musical style from 80s punk music, but softens it for more of a teen girl crowd. Its basic message is still mildly rebellious, but not nearly to the extent of the original movement, which promoted songs like “Anarchy in the UK” and so on.

The song that pretty much sums up the movement is Lavigne’s song “Girlfriend”. The video shows off the happy skulls as well. Here’s a link. Be advised that the basic theme of the lyrics is, “Your girlfriend is stupid, I’m SO awesome, and I’m gonna be with you no matter what” (with appropriately arrogant lyrics):


lol - I love that song!


Maybe it has something to do with Mexican culture, and El Dia Del Los Muertos.


Skulls these Days are much more Demonic looking than the past one, people
don’t be so naive.


What would you expect from a society that is so steeped in the culture of death?


:eek: OK, I guess you have a point. I’m getting so old… I have a skull on my bookcase, and it’s b/c of Yorick and memento mori…

But ‘cute’ skulls?!? Now that is just unacceptable!

Culture of death? I don’t think so. What are the usual arguments for abortion/euthanasia? ‘Quality of life’, ‘women’s right to choose’, ‘no pain’, all ‘positive’, cute-sounding stuff - THAT is what we have to fight. Can you imagine a pro-abort at a march with a skull on their banner? No way!

And then look at a medieval danse macabre scene at an old Catholic church - not ‘cute’ at all, but very true, very wholesome and VERY Catholic. (the leading figure, representing Death, is a skeleton, but often shrouded, so you can only see the skull)

Cute skulls may be dangerous, OTOH. :rolleyes: Worn by Satanists - well, I don’t have to comment on that. But why put down the very symbol of the skull that’s been around for millennia and has a fundamentally wholesome Christian significance?

Oh, and btw, is it common in Catholic iconography to encounter a skull & crossbones beneath a Crucifixion scene, as a symbol of Christ’s victory over Death?


not exactly off topic but what is with the very explicit messages on t-shirts sold in children’s departments, the one I saw yesterday at Target no less, in the 7-14 yr old girls section, was “I’m bringin Sex Back”, I browsed thru the rack and there were several messages of that ilk. there must be some very sick buyers out there in the retail industry, not to mention even sicker manufacturers.


No, it says “I’m bringing sexy back”. Not “sex” back. It was in the teen section, not 7yr section. It’s for the Justin Timberlake song named I’m bringing sexy back.

Not that it’s any better but I just wanted to clarify.

All the sections are separated. 13yr and up is the juniors section. Below that is the childrens section, then there is the baby section. It’s also apart of a marking scheme, reason being is that a 14 yr old doesn’t want to “shop” where the “babies, 7yr…ect” clothes are mixed in. I use to be an assistant manager there before I got out of college.

But yeah, I agree, I don’t like the idea of even that song on a shirt.



I for one don’t wear skulls. They just aren’t appealing to me. They are very Catholic and I love symbolism, but skulls are just too…“ehh”…Gothic crosses are my thing.


I remember seeing a lot of “skull” stuff about a year ago, but not so much anymore. I suppose here it’s kind of gone out of style.

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