What's with this film title, "Jesus Henry Christ"?

I don’t know what to make fo this film, “Jesus Henry Christ”


I read the reviews and watched the trailer but I still don’t get why the filmmaker had to go and use this title. There surly could have been other ways to sell tickets besides using a very misleading title.

Any thoughts about this?

I think it is slang.

Jesus H. Christ is a swear of IHS.

We (my friends and I) said it as kids thinking if we put the H in the middle we wouldn’t really be swearing. :rolleyes:

The movie sounds horrible. :shrug:

The clue is in the “Did You Know?” section of the IMDB article you linked to.

It mentions that the current film is an expansion of a 2003 short film with the same name, with same director and same writer.

Here is part of the IMDB plot summary for that short film:

St. Agnes Academy has a new principal, Father Benet, and a classroom of ten-year-olds that includes Sister Mary Gilbert, straight-A-student Mary Brown, and a precocious scholarship boy, Henry Harvin. Students report on their heroes: Mary’s is Jesus Christ, whose middle initial she says is “H” - their former principal, an aging nun whose picture is on the wall, told her so.


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