What's wrong with pro-choice?

Hello, I am Catholic and am new to this site. Because we are taught that God gave us the gift of free will (and this is of course, His will), how then are we to say that people should not have the choice over whichever sin they care to exercise? In the case of abortion (murder), indeed the sin is great, but isn’t the principle (God’s will) the same? Is it right for us to demand politically of others that which we hold as a matter of personal conscience for ourselves? I am not for abortion or any other sin (although, indeed, I must confess here that I have failed to keep the faith on more than one occassion). I have read in the bible that many were killed (guilty and innocent (even Jesus)) in order that God be obeyed. Do we now seek to override that mandate? Tell me again, why is the choice under attack? We all know sinners will sin if given the right circumstances, but if the Grace of God is to intervene - must it not be under those same circumstances? Of course, any democratic society has the right to form its own rules, but as Catholics, shouldn’t we be more concerned over the inner choice of conscience then we are over the legality of the outer, visible consequences of our neighbor’s sins? To inform is divine, however, to legislate can only impose control on others. I know this is a rather lengthy piece, so, if you choose, merely address the following question: “God gave us free will - so, what’s wrong with choice?”

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Dear friend,

Not all choice is under attack; only the choice to take innocent life is under attack. So called “pro-choice" advocates never want to admit what the choice really is. All they will say is that a woman has the right to do whatever she chooses with her own body. Fine! What we are concerned with is what she is choosing for ANOTHER’S body; namely, killing it. The child is not an invader in her womb. Nor is it a disease. It is entirely innocent.

Freedom of choice is a right with which we are ALL conceived, as evidenced by the natural law. Since we are all created equal, my freedom of choice may not infringe upon others’ freedom of choice. Nor may theirs infringe upon mine. Otherwise, there is no freedom of choice for anyone and chaos reigns.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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