What's wrong with the book, "Purpose Driven Life"?

A friend was told by many Faithful (including Catholics) that this is a great book. I have heard that this book is ok, but doesn’t focus on “Offering It Up” and “Suffering” as ways to grow, and that it might border on “Prosperity Gospel” theology. Is this a book of bad theology? :confused:

Dear Undoubting,

I have only read reviews (several) about this Protestant-authored book by other Protestants. From what I’ve read, it really seems to be just another perky, simplistic, feel-good, pop-Christian book that, as the old song goes, accentuates the positive, eliminates the negative, latches on to the affirmative and doesn’t mess with Mr. In-between.

Sin and repentance give way to sickness and being healed. There’s not much on personal responsibility for one’s sins or on the Cross. How can one speak of following Jesus Christ without discussing the Cross in our lives?

Enough said.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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