What's wrong with watching copywrite material?


I want your thoughts. If you can’t access a movie or a TV series since it originates in a foreign country, what are the implications?


The same as with anything else that is not available – you do without.


This is an ethical situation, not a moral one. You need to decide if it is ethical or not to view things that aren’t available to you through alternate means. All immoral actions are unethical but not all unethical actions are immoral. Personally, I don’t see it as anything serious and wouldn’t have a problem with it.


It’s definitely a moral question. Copyright means right to copy. It also includes the right to show/distribute a copyrighted work. That’s why some DVDs will not play in foreign countries. When the owners of say, a movie, decide they want to distribute it to a specific country or region, their contract will include phrases like “For distribution in North America only.” Or they can add different countries to the list.



Regardless of the nuances of a distributor’s intent, the issue is one of ethics, not morality. I do not think that any sensible person would consider watching a movie from a source that was not intended for a certain region of the world rises to an offense against Christian morality. Are you suggesting that a person could possible separate themselves from communion with Christ by such an act? It is a trifle; it doesn’t matter. The only ones bothered by it are the distributors and producers who are scared to death that someone may watch something of theirs without giving them money for it. Would it be any different to tell the poster to check out a copy at his local library?


I know what you mean. Libraries purchase copies from a distributor, or direct from the publisher/producer, like any book, for example. There is an agreement in place that allows libraries to lend copies of movies, audio recordings and books to others.

I suggest the OP talk to a priest about his concern.



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