What's your favorite Biblical/Spiritual movie?

What’s your favorite Biblical/Spiritual movie? Forgive the limited possibilities of the poll (it is Easter, so these were on my mind). If you choose “other” please tell me the title.

No contest!

Passion of the Christ is on TV here tonight (though very late - due to the violence I should imagine)

“No contest” for which movie? Passion of the Christ?

Ten Commandments, it’s a tradition with us. But I enjoy all the except the first which I have not seen except in part for reasons I have no intention of discussing again. I love the one with all the Hollywood actors in cameo roles, I think it is King of Kings
Duke as Roman soldier: Truly this man was the son of God. Rod Steiger is excellent.

One Christmas production that used to be on TV every year when I was a child was Amahl and the Night Visitors, I don’t even see that in live opera any more.

School used to be out at least Good Friday to Easter Monday, and these movies would be shown continuously on the networks as if the whole world was reverencing the holidays. Our local stations used to also show programs about Passover. Now what we get as another thread has discussed is Discovery and History channel “exposes” of the “real” bible, the one ruthlessly hidden and suppressed by the Church. I think the most dangerous thought in our age is no longer modernism it is gnosticism. The Easter and Spirituality shelves at the large chain bookstore I visisted last week are stack with new age and gnostic heresies, not one book a Catholic could consider buying except the Wit and Wisdom of Mother Angelica.

Therese is my favorite spiritual movie. I also enjoyed Story of a Soul, but Imitation of Christ is my favorite spiritual book.

Ben Hur. Hands down.

Right On!:thumbsup:

Saw Ben Hur for the first time since I was a kid, about 10 years ago, recently. It was just as great as I remembered it.

That always just totally cracks me up to hear that line in Duke’s unmistakeable drawl :

‘Trooly this man was the Son o’ Gaahd’ :rotfl:

Drawl? What drawl? I never noticed.
(Your friend from deep in the :heart: of Texas!)

No! For Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth. Btw, they used to run that on the networks at this time every year- what happened to it?

SInce we this is also spiritual, I guess I can go in that direction. To be honest one my favorite “religious” themed movies was The Apostle that came out a few years ago.

I guess they figured everyone who wants to watch it has it on DVD or VCR already, or can turn on the cable to the religious-themed channels which probably have it.

I voted The Passion of the Christ, The Greatest Story ever Told, and Jesus of Nazareth.

As for Others,

The Gospel according to St. Matthew by Pier Paolo Pasolini
The Gospel of John
Jesus (1999)
Kristo (Christ; A Philippine movie about Jesus; The locations were ‘Filipinized’ and thus we see instances where Jesus and His disciples were wearing Prehispanic Philippine clothing (in others, they are wearing Jewish tunics and cloaks), the houses into nipa huts and the surroundings into tree-covered hills.

Still, I think they should not have gone far and changed Grape wine into Tuba (Coconut wine) that we now have Jesus holding up a bamboo stem used as a cup and saying at the Last Supper (which was held inside a bare room reminiscent of Spanish fortresses), ‘This is tuba (Coconut wine), and this is my Blood which is to be poured out for many, for the forgiveness of sins.’

Plus, in accordance with Ancient Philippine burials, Jesus is buried inside a huge jar which was located inside a cave. So, Mary Magdalene goes inside the cave and finds the jar empty with the burial cloths in the ground.

Also this film is one of the Jesus films that I saw that have severe Passion violence like when Jesus is scourged, he was hung upside down into a gibbet-like structure while being swinged back and forth and whipped, Has flame put in front of his eyes, and the Crown of Thorns pushed roughly in His head (He was really bleeding then like in the Passion of the Christ), and when He is Crucified, He was first nailed before the soldiers dragged Him with the Crossbeam up in front of the Post to erect the Cross)

Mel’s Passion of the Christ.
I can only handle watching it twice a year. This past Friday I watched it with our High School Youth Group (I’m a youth minister). It was just as powerful as the first time I saw it. After the movie we spent about an hour (the teens and I) talking and I answered their questions. I love how Gibson just totally loaded that movie with symbolism about the Eucharist.
Anyway, it’s my favorite.

Song of Bernadette.

I had a tie between Ben Hur and The Robe. Ben Hur was on here last week. RAWK!

I called my daughter in to hear John Wayne and his famous line (can’t say I’d call that a drawl–at least not to someone from Texas!) It cracks me up every time, although I love him for attempting it. I do believe the Duke was Catholic, but I’m not sure he was much on practicing his faith. Anyway, the movie was “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” not “King of Kings.” I got to watch both, and “Jesus of Nazareth” today on various channels. “Barrabas” with Anthony Quinn is on now.

My favorite is “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” It made such an impression on me when I was a little girl–especially the music. Samuel Barber’s “Adaggio for Strings” is a perfect sound track and I have loved it (and the movie) ever since.

Of course you wouldn’t :wink:

Just like I wouldn’t call my Aussie accent an accent either :nope:

Jesus of Nazareth is my favorite.

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