What's your favorite comic/cartoon

My favorite comic would have to be: Calvin and Hobbes
My favorite cartoon: Animaniacs

And you?

Ditto to Calvin & Hobbes. I understand Watterson’s quitting while you are ahead mentality, but I sure do miss that strip.
My favorite cartoon would have to be Peanuts. I lose it over a Charlie Brown Christmas annually! :crying:

Oh…so many…I’ll just throw out 2 for simplicity…

COMIC: Spider-Man
CARTOON: Samurai Jack

I also have a few and can’t pick a favorite…Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert and remember the old one Shoe?

Anyone ever read Overboard? I used to read it in Stars and Stripes in the 90’s but cant find books or anything by the artist…

There’s a great Calvin and Hobbes thread in this section of CAF, and it made me think of this question: What are the best comic strips ever?

Feel free to go WAAAAAY back! I think that a lot of the most brilliant strips are probably long gone, more’s the pity.

My nominations:

  1. Lil’ Abner–IMO, the most brilliant of all the comix!
  2. Calvin and Hobbes
  3. Bloom County
  4. Peanuts
  5. Little Orphan Annie
  6. For Better or For Worse (my favorite for years)

It’s interesting to me that Broadway musicals have been made out of three of the above (Lil’ Abner, Peanuts, which actually has two musicals, plus a score of tv specials, and Little Orphan Annie).

I also like Dilbert, but it’s so “niche”, basically a strip for technos who work in offices. Everyone else is kind of puzzled by it. My husband works in a setting that is very “Dilbert-like” and he explains all the jokes that I don’t get.

And of course, I LOVE Family Circus. It doesn’t have the genius of the strips that I nominated above, but for Christians, especially Catholic Christians, it is absolutely precious. Last Sunday’s strip was amazing–the family was in a car wreck, but everyone was safe–wonderful! And I love the strips where Grandpa is watching from heaven–Communion of the Saints!

“The Far Side”

Hands down.

Garfield. I grew up with Garfield. I agree with him, I hate Mondays (well not so much anymore) and wanted to go straight to Tuesday.

Dilbert-I blame this on the fact I get the humor and my dad is an engineer. It so relates to him. In his cubicle at work he has a Dilbert cartoon that has Dilbert with the words “King of the Cubicle.” (I think that’s what it says. It’s been years since I’ve seen him or it. We live in different states.)
Wizard of Id
Peanuts-Charles Shultz was Catholic.
Far Side

Those are the ones I can think of now. It’s been ages since I’ve read many of these (not Dilbert or Wizard of Id since I get those delivered to my blog.)

This will date me but POGO is my choice. How can it not be the best ever when it coined the phrase “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

Second best: “Lil Abner” (well, maybe)

In the spirit of the thread Best Comic Strips Ever, what are the dumbest or worse comic strips ever? My nominations: Marmaduke and Dennis the Menace.

Calvin & Hobbes

Mallard Fillmore

"Zippy the Pinhead"

Dumbest or Worse: I HATE MARY WORTH!

An old biddy butting into everyone’s business. Every year she looks younger and sexier. She has romances, but nothing ever comes of them. It’s the stupidest comic strip ever!

I had a hard time with Cathy. I think that it was very whiny and I don’t like the image it gave of women, men, or children. It was taken out of our newspaper years ago.

HATE DOONESBURY! It’s so wrong about so many things.

Calvin & Hobbes



The Far side

Hagar The Horrible

Beatle Bailey

Not necessarily in this order:

“Get Fuzzy”
“For Better or For Worse”
“The Far Side”
“Calvin and Hobbes”

No one can have any idea how good the comics can be until they’ve seen one of the Little Nemo in Slumberland strips printed across an entire page, the way it was meant. Windsor McCay was able to bring a level of draftsmanship to the form that has yet to be equaled.

Family Circus is a great comic strip which often has Christian themes. I also like Peanuts. Both show human life in humorous and uplifting terms.

Little Nemo in Slumberland
Krazy Kat
Toonerville Trolley
Prince Valient

I miss Calvin & Hobbes. It was the greatest.

I had to quit reading “Cathy.” It was just too wordy.

The Far Side is pretty good too…haven’t seen it in a while though…

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