What's your favorite house architectural style?


Hi, everyone,

So what’s YOUR favorite house architectural style?

I realize that I could try to make this into a poll, but there are so many different architectural house styles and mixes of styles that I think the poll would be quite long!

I love dome homes (preferably from Natural Spaces domes as they are so well-ventilated!

I also love old stone homes. Yes, I know–total contrast from dome homes!

And I love fully tricked-out Victorian homes–you know, the ones painted lavender and teal with bright red trim, and divided into small rooms all filled with pretty things!


I love a Spanish style bungalow.


I like Greco-Roman and Spanish courtyard layout design. That said, I also like modern and contemporary design.


A Cape Cod house made of stone, or a Craftsman Foursquare house or bungalow.


Mid Century Modern.

Second favorite is Craftsman.


We own a Craftsman home at the Jersey Shore and love it!


Craftsman homes are very “neat” to me meaning that their lines are clean. But that is not to say they are simple. They are well made, and well thought out with built ins, and purpose. They are not overdone, but comfortable and practical.


The previous owners had put in a more modern front entry door that looked out of place. We replaced it with a Craftsman style entry door and it’s beautiful.


Modern, with lots of glass. I love to bring the outdoors indoors. And, it’s the only style of house that looks good in the Hollywood Hills. If I were in Beverly Hills, Tudor or Spanish. Luckily for me, I live in a modern home.


That is gorgeous!


I think it is, too, but it needs a rather secluded area, or your house will be like a TV set!

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