What's your favorite Jesus movie?

What’s your favorite movie / series about Jesus?

Mine has got to be Jesus of Nazareth. Granted, it’s a very long mini series, but I love the depth and detail it reaches. Plus, it has a great cast even though the actor who plays Jesus is a little too feminine, IMO.

“Jesus of Nazareth” for me too. I seem to get something different out of it every time I watch it. It wins out alo because of the musical score. I’m a huge soundtrack fan and that movie has a score that is memorable and slightly haunting and mysterious. It just works really well in that film.

I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite, but one movie that I feel should be mentioned here, although not one of the “greats”, was still a good film…is “Joshua”. I just saw it about a week ago because my parents were borrowing it from another couple at their deacon meetings (as my dad just began deacon formation about 7 months ago).

The movie stars Tony Goldwyn (antagonist in the movie Ghost) and tells the story of a mysterious man named Joshua who comes to a small town by the name of Auburn. Just by his presence, things begin to change, and miracles begin to happen.

The story is very interesting and tells of a “second coming” of sorts. I’d recommend it to anyone.

I like the the modern Hollywood feel of The Passion of the Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth is a little :sleep: for my taste.

Passion of the Christ is my fav too, just watched it and am watching it again with my wife. The music, and the looks on Jesus’ face (ok, the actor playing Christ) cause me to weep.

If this gets me beaten with a stick, so be it…my favorite movie about Jesus is ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ I was very moved by the Passion, no question. I haven’t seen the others in the poll. But my spine shivers when I hear ‘Gethsemane,’ which is the absolute best piece of music Webber ever wrote. I’m the church organist in my parish, and I played in on Passion Sunday just before Communion, and on Good Friday during the collection. Nobody complained, and a few people even complimented me on the beautiful music.

I have to say, the Passion of the Christ, I literally just saw it…yesterday. I mentioned to my priest that I hadn’t seen it yet and he said “What! You have to see it!” so he let me borrow his copy. It was a very moving film.

I also like Ben-Hur, which is kind of a Jesus movie, the story of Jesus is an important part of the movie.

Mine has to be “The Passion Of The Christ”
The scene of the tear falling from heaven gets me every time.


I think I have to go with “The Passion of the Christ” as the most moving and most inspiring movie about Christ that I’ve seen.

I just watched it again on Good Friday and it just leaves me emotionally exhausted because I cry nearly all the way through it. For the first time, I let two of my older children watch parts of it (made them leave the room during the scourging and just after and also muted it so they could not hear) and also made them turn away or I covered their eyes several times too (when Judas hung himself, when Jesus was being nailed to the cross, when Satan/a demon appeared, etc.).

Ben Hur. The book is better (so what else is new?) but that movie has stuck with me since I first saw it in 1959.

lol, ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ is okay when showing the life of Jesus. The Casting was pretty good for it when it came to Mary, apostles, but it is a little long. Although I prefer Jim Caviezel as Jesus.

I think the making of the Passion was truly inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit (although I think most of the above Jesus movies are/have been.) It’s so humbling and moving, it really is like witnessing it, and helps you to better meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice.
The most moving part of ‘The Passion’, (and I know this was part that was a personal rendering by the director ) is the scene where Mary runs to Jesus falling, juxtaposed with her memory/motherhood of him when he was a child.

I just like all the detail that goes in to Jesus of Nazareth. Granted, Robert Powel isn’t the best Jesus. Too small and a bit too feminine, IMO to be a believable carpenter. But, being a details guy, I love how it takes time to show the political climate in Jerusalem and how it all came together in orchestrating Jesus’ death.

Jesus of Nazareth for me. I like the fact that it shows all of Christ’s life, which is one advantage it has over the Passion for me. The other thing I like is that it does more with less; the Crucifixion scene is as moving to me as the one in the Passion, and it needed to rely primarily on music and facial expressions, without being able to portray the brutality as widely as Mel did in the Passion.

None of them. They all disappoint me. It’s just like when I was sixteen and read “Gone With the Wind” straight through four times, and then went to see the movie in the theater. I was SO disappointed in Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, I couldn’t stand it. I had my own Rhett in my mind, and no one could live up to it.

I have my own relationship with the real Jesus, and no actor can live up to that, either.


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