What's your favorite marian art?

I am looking for some art of Mary with the infant Jesus that I could put in my daugther’s room over her bed.
So, I come to you Catholics of CAF for help!
What’s your favorite marian art?

My favorite is L’innocence (hopefully I came close to spelling it right!! :D) It is a vertical photo of OL holding the Infant Jesus in one arm and a lamb in the other. Catholicfineart.com has this picture in various price ranges. Another one I like is Song of the Angels. It is OL holding Jesus on her lap while angels are playing music to soothe Him to sleep. Both of these would be appropiate for a child’s room.

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My favorites of Mary with the Child Jesus are . . .

L’innocence - Bouguereau

Madonna of the Roses - Bouguereau

Madonna of the Book - Botticelli

This one has St. Joseph in it too, but I love it.
La Sacra Famiglia - Batoni

My favorite is the one Catholic Answers has adapted for use at the top of this page. Here’s the whole picture:


I especially like the way the attention of the angels is fixed on the figure of the infant Jesus as they serenade him to sleep.

    Hello Rwillenborg,  Mine is not what you are specifically looking for , I love it,

It is the Annunciatoin, (don’t know the artist) she is kneeling with arms folded across her breast. Symbol of the holy Spirit hovering over her, Beautiful.:heaven:Carlan

Wow, those are all great. Might check “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” it has a story that goes with it. Good job mom, you have the right idea. Mary will always take us to her son. In Christ through Mary.

Lord, please take me there! Please, please, please take me there, Lord. :gopray2:

This place is on the other side of Mount Golgotha, in the New Garden of Eden. Take me to that place, dear Jesus.

I have the same favorite as Fidelis. It’s called “Song of the Angels” by Bouguereau. It’s available many places online at different prices. I have a large giclée (digital image on canvas) of it in my prayer room at home.

Take me too! Please, Lord! :gopray2:

That picture is exquisite.

Wow! Beautiful.

One of my favorite Marian art is “Our Lady of Gadalupe”


Another favorite one of mine


I’m not too sure if you can link to this but here are some more favorite Marian art here:

Our Blessed Mother (Part.1) in the Spirituality


Thanks for the links, goforgoal!

You’re welcome. Blessed Mother Pray for us. Amen.

Thanks everyone! If anyone has anymore, please post them. They’re all so beautiful!
I think my favorite is l’innocence. I also like one that’s called Madonna of the Streets, but I think for the girls’ room I will find a print of l’innocence and hang it.
Though, knowing the girls (they’re two) they’ll say something like ‘Sheep scare baby Jesus!’
But oh well!

At least for me - anything by Bouguereau - mesmerizing

You can find all of his paintings on google if you type in Bouguereau Mary. Then you will get search results back. You can then select “Images” in the upper left corner of the google search page. This will give you all of his paintings.

I just ordered l’innocence and madonna of the streets.

Sorry to go off topic here but I was just wondering was Bouguereau Catholic?


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