What's your favorite meatless meal for Lent?

My DH and I decided to give up eating meat for our first Lent as a married couple. This is a huge stretch for us since we almost always have meals that include some kind of chicken, beef, or pork entree. We are going to allow ourselves seafood, since it’s not considered to be a meat. So I’m asking for all your best meatless recipes (cheap would be good too!), that have a good amount of protein in them.

Also, I was wondering if anyone out there had some tips about cooking with tofu. I’ve never used it before, and don’t even know where to buy it. Can I just get it at the grocery store, or at a specialty shop?

Thanks in advance for all your replies, and God bless you all!

BEANS BEANS! :smiley: We eat lots bean dishes! Black beans & rice, bean soups, etc. Soups go great with a salad.

Look at Costco/Sams for large quantities of frozen fish. We buy a bag of salmon filets maybe once or twice a month - those are DELICIOUS baked in the oven with a little olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper! :slight_smile: I know the warehouse stores often have large quantities of frozen fish in several varieties!

Those are our favorite meat-free dishes!

I eat quite a bit of pasta pretty much all year round - I make a pesto (arugula or basil -based) sauce, or a spicy tomato sauce, or a carbonara (cheese and mushroom) sauce.

And plenty of eggs - omelettes, frittatas and so on. You could also do things like a vege quiche or vege pizza.

My favorite meatless meal is stuffed pasta shells with tomato sauce. Mmm. I thought of that before you asked about tofu. You can replace all or some of the ricotta or cottage cheese in lasagna and stuffed shells with tofu. Most grocery stores carry tofu.

My husband hates tofu, so I stopped serving it. He doesn’t like lasagna or stuffed shells either. We usually have fish on Fridays in lent. Grilled Salmon with dill sauce and dinner out at the Knights of Columbus fish fries at Church hardly seem like a lenten sacrifice, but those are some of my husband’s favorite Friday night meals. Cheese pizza is also popular here on Fridays.

Half of my family is vegan, so we eat a lot of meals without meat, cheese, or any dairy, and no eggs.

Polenta is delicious–just grill it up with some chunky tomato sauce, or whatever–just think of it as pasta, and top with soy cheese or real cheese.

And we eat a lot of beans, there is a lentil, collard green curry. I’ll have to look up the exact recipe.

Indian food is great without meat, and it is so cheap but the best. Aloo Palak is a spinach potato dish:

**Pita pizza **is a meatless staple in our house.

You need:

Optional veggies for the topping (black olives, mushrooms, etc.)
Pizza sauce
Pita bread
Mozzarella cheese

I like to bake the pita bread for 10 min at 350 F to give it that extra crunch. Then I take it out of the oven, spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese, arrange the veggies and pop it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. It’s simple, easy, cheap, and you can let kids make their own pizzas! :thumbsup: Tastes really yummy with a salad for a side…:slight_smile:

Take a slice of bread
lather it thick with peanut butter
Take another slice of bread
put on a bit of butter and then much jelly
Put the two slices together (note: the uncovered sides should face out)

mmm mmm Good.

Seriously, I love PB&J.

We LOVE Pita Pizzas! YUM! Thanks for the tip on baking the bread FIRST - I always thought it could use a little more crunch!:thumbsup:

:rotfl: That’s the best tip I’ve heard all day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, I have a variation on your recipe.

Grill it, just as you would a grilled cheese sandwich…I learned this “recipe” from a very dear priest :thumbsup:

Herrings in a traditional Polish dressing (special for herrings) made of thick sour cream, onion and apple, served with whole potatoes or halves. Salt for potatoes. Let me know if you want details of the recipe.

fettucine alfredo w/shrimp & broccoli is a winner any time
of year!

Pita pizza…hmmm…that sounds great.
My fave meatless meal…grilled salmon salads…and sometimes, whole wheat raviolis. I wish I could make tuna salad well, but it always turns out either too dry or too mushy. :rolleyes: :shrug: That’s what Subway is for !:smiley:

How about a good green cheese enchilada we enjoy so much in El Paso! Maybe a good Chili con queso to go with it.

Pinto beans, cornbread and a little cole slaw on the side.


I love this meal, too!
Or black beans with brown rice and fried onions… mmm…

Bowties with cottage cheese is a long time family favorite. After you have cooked the bowtie pasta, you add butter to taste and mix in cottage cheese, salt and pepper. You just want to heat it through on the lowest of heat (or off the burner) because too much heat makes the cottage cheese melt and it won’t be as appetizing. We serve it with stewed tomatoes and enjoy the parts that mix on the plate.

Scrambled eggs and noodles.

Boil egg noodles. Drain. Put them back in the pan.
Crack a couple of eggs into the noodles. Cook on med, stir until eggs are cooked. Add a bit of butter.

This was one of the meals I grew up with on Fridays.

And it is a cheap meal too.

I am sorry, but I am really picky about cooking. The ingredients of pasta carbonara are eggs, bacon, parmesan cheese and pepper. Not really a meatless meal.

Black Bean Chili is my favorite and it is inexpensive too.

2 cans black beans (drained)
2 cans corn (drained)
2 cans diced tomatoes w/ onion (or w/o if you don’t like onions)
4 Tbsp chili powder
4 tsp cumin
Salt & Pepper to taste

Open all the cans, dump the contents into a pot, heat and eat or even better put in a slow cooker on low all day.

Lots of protein in the black beans.

Lentils - in tacos or chili

Black beans - black bean chili is heaven

Non-trad carbonara made with mushrooms or olives.



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