What's your favorite piece of Classical music?

You may list several if you like.

and yes, i’m plugging my Classical Music Group:)

Beethoven’s 9th

“Water Music” and “Music for the Royal Fireworks” by Handel. Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.” Beethoven’s “Third Symphony.”

William Tell Overture

Too many pieces to name any specific one. My favorite changes quite frequently, too. There are a lot of Lizst pieces in there and some with Chopin, too. I’m not sure if you’re going for a strict interpretation of “classical” or the more general one, though. If you’re being strict, both Liszt and Chopin would fall out of that category.

the “general” interpretation.:slight_smile:

I have heard that John Philip Souza’s music is considered classical also LeRoy Anderson’s. I like both of them. I also like Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Luci Care Luci Belle by Mozart.

Handel’s “Messiah” and Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker”

Technically Handel is Baroque. But hopefully that will be OK in this thread.

Somebody asked a musician if he could play “Messiah” to which he answered “I think I can Handel it!”:smiley: By the way, I’m not “baroque” just badly bent!

One of my favorite pieces of classical music is Ave Verum by Mozart.

I also like Diverus and Lazarus by Gustav Holst.

Mozart’s Requiem Mass in Dm K.626

I don’t care how much of it is Sussmayr, and I agree with Nigel Tufnel that Dm is such a pretty key.

I’m not real familiar with most classical music. I’ve heard some on the radio that I’ve enjoyed but I don’t know the titles. In our area we have a radio station ,WNIU, that plays 24-hour classical music.

Erm… not sure… could be “Fingal’s Cave” by Mendelssohn, “Jupiter” by Holst, Handel’s “Messiah” (my favorite tune when I’m done with work), or a whole host of others! :smiley: Soo difficult to choose just one!

That makes two of us. :slight_smile:

We have a classical music station that goes 24 hours a day as well. Most of the time it’s stuff I have never heard of and other times it just sounds like someone is banging a cat against a piano.

the Brahms and Schumann symphonys, the nutcracker, clair de lune, Mozart “Jupiter”
symphony, Schubert,the “Great”, " Death and the Maiden" quartet, piano trio #2.

to start:)

I mostly like modern Russian classical composers like Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, and Shchedrin. I also like Carl Orff.


This is my my fave of all time! Vivaldi:D

I’ve heard “music” like that! Some of it also sounds like putting a chimpanzee in front of a piano and letting him just press the keys.:shrug:

I like Dvorak’s “Stabat Mater”, also his “Requiem” is one of the best ever done! :thumbsup:

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