What's your favorite scary movie?

:eek:From time to time I will like to watch horror films. My favorite horror films are

  1. Nightmare on Elm Street
  2. The Exorcist
  3. The Last Exercism
  4. The Shinning (?)
  5. The Silence of the Lambs

Justin Bieber: Never say Never. :bigyikes::eek::bigyikes::eek:

No seriously… The Exorcist has to be number one for me.

Saving Private Ryan.

When a stranger calls.

The original made in the 80’s.

“Night of the Living Dead” The original!!!

“The Blair Witch Project” it must be the scariest of the movies I’ve ever seen.

This is in no particular order

  1. Beetlejuice
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Dracula (1931)
  4. Predator
  5. Aliens

Any of the 1930’s Universal movies.

“The Haunting” (original, not the wretched remake) - does more with suggestion, half-glimpsed things, and sound effects than a hundred other gore-fests.

“The Changeling” - another really, really scary movie that doesn’t rely on gore - the scene with the ball is really spooky.

“The Innocents” - the ghosts in this movie appear in broad daylight, don’t go away when you look away and look back at them, and their hinted-at origin really creeps you out.

“Nosferatu” (original) - named as one of the best 100 movies by the Vatican in 1945.

“Horror of Dracula” (just “Dracula” in Britain) - Christopher Lee is my Dracula, with apologies to Bela Lugosi (who was a Catholic, incidentally).

“Coraline” - watching this right now - very creepy for a kid’s movie.

“The Exorcist” - some scenes that sensitive people really shouldn’t see, and the imagery is disturbing (to say the least), but presents a Catholic view of the supernatural and presents good as the only solution to evil, which counts for a lot. The really scary scenes to me are the views of the banality of a materialist view of reality, which is the root cause of Fr. Karras’s loss of faith, and the scary early scenes in Iraq.


…the one where they’re at the log cabin in the woods… :smiley:

I think it was part 4… :smiley:

Sucker Punch. Why? Because it’s the insulting type of horror against the intellect. :smiley:

*The Exorcist

The Others*

Horror is not really my genre but I think these 2 are great. And scary.

No contest for me … Jaws. Saw it for the first time when I was 8, during the summer of 1979 (evidently a theatrical re-release). It gave me shark nightmares.

I’m a fan of the Alien films too, but as far as I can recall I never got nightmares from them.

The Shining.

Oh goodness! I have to narrow this down.

Rosemary’s Baby, The Changeling, The Exorcist 3: Legion, The Exorcist, The Haunting, The Innocents, Dog Soldiers, The Descent, The Evil Dead, Full Circle/The Haunting of Julia, Don’t Look Now, The Devil Rides Out, Curse/Night of the Demon, Night of the Eagle/Burn, Witch, Burn…


Like your qoute about not stealing.


also: Them

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Les Diabolique (the 1955 original, not the trashy remake)

The Haunting (again, the original not the remake)

The Innocents

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