What's your favorite Smartphone?


For Smartphone , like the Android or iPhone , which one do you like best ?


I like iPhones more


The Jesusnowphone :innocent:


Xaomi phones are very good. You pay half the price of an iPhone for similar specs.

I prefer Android phones in general.


They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Still learning the ropes with iPhone and am only on my first. So no favs there yet. But my fav Androids so far are LG and ZTE. Getting a Moto for my upgrade. Will see how that is when I get it.



iPhone !
no contest


iPhone SE :iphone:


Android. I cannot really explain my preference. I’ve never had an Iphone.


Huawei p8 lite. It runs on the Android platform, is comfortable to use, does the same things that iOS can do, but at a fraction of the cost and is a good quality product.


Android. My boss has iphones and I am not impressed at all.
For the price you get a new Iphone with normal glass at the top you can get a new Android with Gorilla glass that also is watertight. If your pc is not from Mac there is no point in buying an iphone. Everything on Mac has their own software and will not work with just any software.
But the glass makes all the difference for me and not just me. Eventually that phone will be dropped at some point and the laws of Murphy say that when that happens your phone will meet a concrete or a tile floor surface. There are 0.0001% chances it will land on carpet. So… you need Gorilla glass.
Samsung Androids work well and the software update hasn’t had any problem whatsoever with a 2 year old phone. My boss says that when a new version of Mac is available he has to think of buying a new phone because after a few months the updates make the operating system dysfunctional on the older phone.
I know people who use an Samsung S5 (5 year old or more) with the current operating system up to date without any problem. You cannot use a 5 year old iphone with today’s updates for iphone.
Iphone is great if you can afford it and you want to show it off. But it’s clearly not offering the best product/price ratio in comparison with the large variety for Android phones today.


SE users unite! I hate big phones.

I am now well entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. I’ve never even tried an Android. Even if I did and found it better it would have to be significantly better for me to want to switch.

iPhones have Gorilla Glass. They have for a long time. Since at least the 3G.

You are right you can’t update a five year old iPhone with today’s iPhone operating system. But that is because the software is too demanding for the old hardware. Apple does provide updates to older phones far longer than Android makers do.


Neither. I have a ‘dumb phone’ (ATT z432) that has served me well, and, as I have ADD, I need as few distractions as possible.


Western Electric 500.


Same here. I have mixed feelings about that. But switching at this point would be tough to do.


Well, the iPhone has been my only smartphone since 2013, so I’m not sure if I’m in a good position to express my opinion. But if I had a choice, it’ll probably still be the iPhone.


I switched from Apple to Android, and I’ve never looked back. In the box with my phone, there was a wire and connector so I could link my two phones and transfer all of my apps, photos, and music to my Android. Easy peasy!


Ive had them all. Seems like os updates would screw up my android phones a lot faster. Same can be said about iPhone, but it seems like it affected the battery more than performance, so I quit doing updates all together. I stuck with the iPhone though because all my music is on iTunes. I did like the windows phone os the most but there are barely any apps for it unfortunately.


I know what you mean. My only real issue is it doesn’t ‘just work’ as much as it should. And some of the software lately has been too buggy.


I am an iGirl.

Since I went Apple I haven’t looked back. I’ve had computers outlast any PC my husband has had, I love that I have unity across all my devices (I can work on something on my Mac, open it on my iPhone, and complete edits on my iPad - and save it as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel and email it to myself at work). I love that I can walk my five year old laptop into the Genius Bar and they’ll diagnose it for free and quite often fix my problem right there on the spot - and usually for no charge even though the AppleCare expired two years ago. And if it needs something, they can tell me the charge.

I love that when my three year old iPad died for no reason - and out of warranty - they gave me a new one for $200 as an out of warranty replacement, right there on the spot in the Apple store. That was three years ago and I’m still using it. I don’t see Samsung doing that.

I love that you just plug it in and it works.

My MacBook Air is five years old and cost about $1100. My husband bought a laptop for $450 about two weeks after I bought my Mac. My Air works great. His laptop died three years ago and had three hard drive replacements. He’s bought yet another computer since then, a desktop PC, and has had two major repairs on it and three viruses despite antivirus software. I have a nine year old MacBook that still works, albeit slowly.

I love how my phone is a theft repellant because Apple has even told Congress “sorry, we can’t break into an iPhone”. I stupidly left mine in a restaurant a few weeks ago and called to see if it was still there. It was - and when I went to pick it up, the woman said “iPhones always get turned in - we have three of them just from the last two days that were turned in. I never see other phones turned in”.

Someone in a thrift store the other day had her wallet stolen right out of her purse. They left her phone, though, an iPhone that was actually visible from where I was standing so I’m pretty sure the thief saw it. I thought that was pretty telling. That “find your phone” feature was invented and first used by Apple…

I’m going to buy my fifth iPhone this weekend. I’ll never own anything else.

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