What's your FAVORITE SPORT to watch on TV?

Your favorite sport to watch on tv.:slight_smile:

you can chose one not on the list if you like.

didnt have room for everything.

Olympics is out though
Too many different sports in there

Bowling and Billiards are on the list too:)

Once I took away everything I didn’t like and everything I’d rather watch in person, all that was left was tennis. :o

Really, Itullian! You forgot to list professional badminton on here! How could you!!!

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually not a big fan of sports, but if I must watch it, its baseball or basketball :ballspin:

i know. volleyball either:D
shame on me.:slight_smile:

hands down college football. If I had the time, every Saturday, I would be camped out in front of the TV from the start of the 11am games into the night.

I enjoy watching all them except boxing, and wrestling.

Sounds very close to an addiction to me!:stuck_out_tongue:

My whole life, it was the Steelers. Over the past couple years my interest waned. Now I rarely watch sports on TV. It’s like, ‘The Steelers are on, but it’s a nice day to rake leaves.’

I get more excitement and enjoyment watching my kids’ sports than I do from watching any sports on TV.

I would’ve chosen the Olympics, probably, but that wasn’t in the poll.

Baseball with Boxing second. Depends on who is Boxing…

I did not see cycling, but I usually am glued to the Tour in July. Even with all the doping…it is a great sport.

You forgot an option:

*]Notre Dame Football

:irish3: GO #1 IRISH!!!


I’m not big on sports, but I do love the World Cup! Track and Field is also nice to watch.

Yes, I know…I’m boring.

I’ve always liked the strategy of football. Do we need to say “American football” here? :slight_smile: Huge Penn State fan for many years, as well as Philadelphia Eagles fan. Right now the Eagles are in a rut and everyone is ready to throw the coach out of town, but that is typical of the fans in the philly area.

I miss Joepa, but I think the current staff has done an amazing job coaching the Penn State players this season.

Agreed, O’Brien is worthy of B1G coach of the year.

Yep, and I wonder if they’ve made McGloin a potential draft choice. Very impressive season so far for him…


Played with a round ball kicked by a foot!

EPL English Premier League…

Manchester United - the Red Devils!

As far as I can tell, we, in North America, are the only people in the whole world who haven’t figured out the “foot” part in the word “football”. Thanks, mate.

Figure skating.

And I’m not alone. For many years, especially in the 1990s, it was ranked 3rd most popular sport on television.

I just wish they’d show synchronized skating on the network broadcasts. But at least nowadays, we can watch it on the various online broadcasts.

I also like NFL football. Go Bears! Go Ravens! Go Packers, unless you’re playing Bears.

Yes! I love figure skating! That would probably be my favorite sport to watch on TV actually…the baseball thing is more when i am at my brothers house and forced to watch it…

And I love Martial arts…if they ever have that on TV, i would watch it…

Soccer and Baseball are leading? Seriously!??
I love Baseball as much as the next American, it’s an integrated part of our culture, but it is so slow and boring to watch, especially on tv. In a ballpark it’s a little different. I love playing baseball, but watching it isn’t nearly as fun.
Now, Hockey, that’s a fun sport to play and watch. Fast paced, plenty of action and just a really fun game. Even the most boring hockey game has more stuff going on than the most action packed baseball game. And it doesn’t take forever to finish like football. The last time I watched a football game (NFL, not soccer) It took more than fifteen minutes for the last four minutes left on the clock to run down. Nothing like that in hockey. Hockey is a fast,elegant, and a bit rough game. Other than boxing,wrestling and MMA fights, no other sport allows you to beat up the guy picking on your teammates and that just cool. I’m not there just to watch fights, but the style of the game is just so unique. Hockey requires the most skill and talent than any other sport. Skating, hand-eye coordination and strategy combined with the speed of the game makes a verrryyy entertaining game. Not to mention, it’s probably the most teamwork featured game out there, although baseball is a close second.
I’m not Canadian but I reeaally love hockey!:cool: Best game ever!:smiley:
Go Avs! (I mean, if they were playing)

Now that’s a connoisseur! For the record I used to root for the ancestor of your team until the franchise was sold. That they won the Stanley Cup the following year made the grieving process more complicated! I’ve just recently started praying for Avalanche fans again.:smiley:

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