What's your favorite version of the movie, A Christmas Carol?

I like the version with Alistair Sim. I think it’s from the fifties. There is a scene near the end with the charwoman that just kills me. :rotfl:

The Muppet Christmas Carol.

This is my favorite version, too! And I know that scene. Fluffing his hair at her during it. :thumbsup:

In my case it’s usually the one I’ve just finished watching. Right now it’s Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.



Alistair Sims’ version was one of the best but I also enjoyed the older one with Reginald Owen and Gene Lockhart as Bob Cratchett.

The musical version of Scrooge with Albert Finney was very good also.

I like the one with George C. Scott.

I also like the Mickey Mouse version.

My favorite is the Menken and Ahrens musical stage version but I’m biased. :wink: Of the movies I like the George C. Scott version the best but the older versions are also excellent.

Daddums :slight_smile:

I love the one with Alistair, but I never see it on the tele. I love how he plays the conversion scenes – I laugh and cry. It has always struck me as the most genuine.

Regardless of the version, I always wish they’d extend the ending. I love seeing Ebenezer enjoy his newly found soul!


A Christmas Carol is my favorite, so I tend to like them all - each having their own special scenes. But I enjoy Alistair Sims version - as well as the really updated one with Henry Winkler (anyone see that?), which is put into the Depression time era. Pretty well done.

And especially the versions that depict the Ghost of Christmas present with the “Two Children” under his cloak (Ignorance and Want). Not all versions do that scene.

It’s a shame they show these so rarely now - I don’t have cable TV, so maybe they’re on there. I have some on VCR.

It’s definitely less traditional, but I like Scrooged with Bill Murray. :slight_smile:

I love the Mickey Mouse version, in my younger years I used to get scared of Goofy as Jacob Marley :rotfl:

And I kind of liked Bill Murray in the modern day version of A Christmas Carol.

I forgot about the one with Henry Winkler. I loved that, too, although I don’t normally think of it as “A Christmas Carol”. Is that the title? I wonder if they have it on DVD? Haven’t seen that one in years. (leaving to go check out Amazon to see if they have it on DVD…another ‘wish list’ item. Sigh…)

Popping back in from Amazon to say that the title of the t.v. movie with Henry Winkler is “An American Christmas Carol”. Had a heck of a time findint it. Finally did a search for Henry Winkler and it popped up. Go figure. :shrug:

The one with Alastair Sim in 1951 and I remember that scene too where the funniest line was when she said “…to keep me mouth shut?!!” He chuckled at that one!!

But for me the funniest line was near the end with Bob Cratchit where he said “I’m not going to put up with it anymore, which leads me no choice but to raise your salary!!!”

The one with Henry Winkler is called “*An American Christmas Carol” *(1979) and I did see it on DVD, and it is my favorite! I also have the Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart in it and the animated one with Mister Magoo (1962).

Another vote for George C. Scott. Although, upon watching it this Christmas season I realized it’s really starting to look “80’s.” Christmas Past looks like a British New Wave singer.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is the one w/Patrick Stewart in it… would love to see his stage version.

My favorite version is A Muppet Christmas Carol.

My favorite scene is where Kermit, as Bob Crackit(sp?) says that the other clerks are cold and need coal for the fireplace.

Scrooge says, “How would the clerks like to find themselves UNEMPLOYED?” (or something to that effect).

Then the clerks say, “Heat wave.”


The one with George C. Scott as Scrooge. I love it and watch it every year. And every year it brings tears to my eyes - marvelous!

I got a surprise in the mail today. I had TOTALLY forgotten that I ordered the DVD An American Christmas Carol, and guess what I’ll be watching tonight after Church!

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