What's your favourite tune for Psalm 23?

I had to go through over 30 videos to find the only tune I am familiar with for The Lord’s My Shepherd.
It’s a good thing that ‘Bing’ gives previews!
This is my favourite tune, as it is the only one I know:
Melody by Jessie Seymour Irvine, 1836-87

I just found this one, same tune, different composer though? The title says “Tune Crimond”

Is this the most popular for Catholics too? I grew up an Anglican, so that might be the reason I only know this. (?):shrug:

Not for the liturgy, I suppose, but the British show The Vicar of Dibley has quite a nice setting of the psalm for its theme.

Yes, Crimond really is the most popular hymn-tune to use with The Lord’s My Shepherd

However, another tune which is really nice is Brother James’ Air - youtube.com/watch?v=JGBXSJqhdBg

The English organist/composer, Harold Darke, wrote a lovely meditation for organ on that particular tune. This is a recording of Darke himself playing it:


The hymn “The King of Love My Shepherd is” is also based on the same psalm -

youtube.com/watch?v=l7n46y3EHOQ - unfortunately there don’t seem to be many good recordings of it on YouTube, but it is a beautiful hymn. It is most commonly sung to the tune Saint Columba - needless to say, it is quite a popular hymn in Ireland!

The hymn The Lord’s My Shepherd has a metre of, so it could be sung to another hymn-tune with a matching metre - such as Saint Bernard (“All you who seek a comfort sure”); or even Winchester Old (“While shepherds watched their flocks”) - though given its association with Christmas, this probably wouldn’t be the most appropriate tune to use - but it does work!!

For any psalm, my favorite will be one of the gregorian psalm tones. Aside from that, for Psalm 23(22) [The Lord is my shepherd…], my favorite hymn based on this psalm is “The King of Love, My Shepherd Is” set to the tune “St. Columba”.


Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but I always have trouble listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Even when they are singing traditional Christian hymns.

Keith Green.


I hope some of you will go to this link–it’s beautiful.

For those of you who sometimes wonder from my posts about my preference in sacred music, this is it. If it was all up to me (which it isn’t), this is the kind of music I would use in Mass all the time. I know that many of you disagree, but I am entitled to my opinion. I find this kind of music ethereal and reverent and completely non-theatrical and very singable. Lovely flowing melody–so beautiful. Yes, it has a beat–so does all music (either regular or irregular). And of course, completely Biblical text. Uplifting, encouraging–just what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks to the originator of this thread for calling this version to my mind.

I love “The King of Love My Shepherd Is”.

I also like the Gelineau psalm setting to it. The harmonization is so simple, yet beautiful and interesting.

Franz Schubert’s setting of it is beautiful and so… Schubert. Here are a couple recordings of it with different instrumentation and voices



Goss’s setting is also lovely.

I just listened to that setting of the psalm, Cat - it is indeed a nice setting… Personally, I wouldn’t favour its use during the Mass - my outlook on sacred music would be the same as that outlined in Musicam Sacram (etc), and as such I’m not a fan of using instruments in the sacred liturgy which are more immediately associated with the secular world than the Church… Anyway, that’s a discussion for another thread, of which there are many, as we are well aware!

All in all, though, it is a very powerful setting.

for liturgy I prefer Gregorian chant for the psalms but outside that I like
Shepherd Me O God

the one with the refrain
My shepherd is the Lord, nothing indeed shall I want
because this is the first English version I learned in our HS choir

there is a children’s version I like but I can’t recall it, and I like the Spanish version on the Bob Hurd 2-CD set

Try Gentle Shepherd by Tobias Colgan, OSB. You won’t be sorry!

God bless,

Crimond is nice but I like to play the version by Jan M Vermulst. Text is modified a bit in the People’s Mass Book but good for responsorial purposes.

I like the Vicar Of Dibley version.
I wonder who did it.

Howard Goodall.

It was written by Howard Goodall - he also wrote the music for the Mr Bean series :slight_smile:

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