What's Your Motivation?

To the non-Catholics who engage in the “Non-Catholic Religions” forum,

What is your motivation? Are you here to genuinely learn about Catholicism? Are you here to convert Catholics to another point of view? Are you here to have a intellectual debate? Or something else entirely?

Thank you in advance for your answers. As I recently read a LDS-related thread in this forum, I noticed a Mormon who had posted literally hundreds upon hundreds of posts to this forum. What brings such people here? Are they here to learn? Are they here to argue for personal satisfaction? Are they here to win converts? What’s the motivation? What brings you here?


Mostly, I’m here to read/listen. I started reading on here as a means to compliment RICA. Over time my lurking became participation. I’ve learned an inordinate amount simply lay by watching the threads play out. It’s been, and I’m sure, will continue to be highly educational. :smiley:

I became interested in Catholicism after watching EWTN and wanting to learn more about the unique doctrines and where they came from. So far, there are too many questions that aren’t answered for me that I continue to stay and learn. I do have to say that I love reading and responding to many of the questions and getting the input from the more knowledgeable apologists in the forums.

Good questions!

God bless!!


I am here to read about inter-faith discussion. To know more about Protestant denominations +the denominations which don’t even exist in my country. This forum is also the only forum that introduced me to LDS, Anglican which people said are forever splitting, Presbyterian, Episcopalian. I still dont know what these last two denominations are.

I think that this forum without non-Catholic religions session would be chaotic, and this forum without people from different faiths would be less interesting.

After all, this is the only Catholic forum that I like. I got a lot of info here, that is why I have no desire to sign up on another Catholic forum

Frankly, I came here to dialogue with my fellow Christians. God forbid I should engage in sheep stealing, or trying to get converts from another Christian faith. I’m interested in learning about the various other Christian faiths so that I can rejoice in our similarities, while having a clearer understanding of our differences. While learning Catholic apologia, I might also perhaps engage in a little Confessional Lutheran apologia. The tactics are interesting, to say the least and I can learn a lot in that arena, when engaging others in real life, who might say that Lutherans are this, or Lutherans do that, as if somehow God was stingy with His gifts of the Spirit.

I’m here for the reasons above and I wish to give others (Catholic, Orthodox, or other Protestants) reason for my beliefs; not to convert. I also truly enjoy discussion on tough questions and religious issues.

I’m here to talk: to understand how some of the many way people see God.

I’ve been through RCIA three times at three different parishes yet if you were to combine everything I learned from all three cycles through it still wouldn’t be but a fraction of what I’ve learned here on CAF. :blush:

A little bit of all of that. I want to understand other people’s positions and I want to engage on a better level of discussion than might otherwise happen in other places on the internet. This is one of the best forums for an orderly discussion.

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