What's your opinion about the Motu Propio

Do you think if the letter of the Pope about the traditional rite is released will people accept it?

Will it cause trouble in the church?

What do you think or comments about it?


I think there might be a bit of an uproar depending on what it says.

It mostly depends on what it will say, and how bishops interpret it.

I think traditional-minded Catholics will initially rejoice, far-left liberals will have a fit, no one else will react much, and in the end, nothing will be different because there will be so few priests with time and/or inclination to celebrate the TLM.


You’ve got that right. I long for the good old days when the pope spoke, the Church listened. Now with the modernist bishops in charge, everything is open to interpretation by anyone, and its all just fine and dandy. Who is in schism here?

I think that the far right and the left will both find problems with it and I’m starting to think that it will make the crossing lines more clear in both of these factions (I kind of think this is why is was so slow in coming). I think it will help those who wish to attend the TLM but don’t have access to it.

Who is in schism here?

Probably both sides of the extremist coin.

I had to choose all the choices. They all apply (And more).

Mark Wyatt


I think that the spiritual war will intensify after it’s published. It’ll force people to choose which side they’re on, either orthodoxy or liberalism.

Dominus Vobiscum,

I agree with roccoangelo based on my experience with them.

These people indicate that the pope is basically a heretic. They want their own. I doubt anything less will do.

So we are to have a “tempest in the teapot”. Most people I know are just plain old Catholics, neither fitting the liberal shoe, nor the SSPX shoe. If you mean are they good practicing Catholics as we used to call then they really don’t fit either. So what is to chose? I don’t see that most people will even be aware it is published until the NY Times starts screaming about it. Who is this " them" you are referring to?

I sort of agree with roco too, but I don’t see any big issues or trouble.
The them are old people, old methods but to me the mass is the same everywhere.
Old people bless their souls are wanting to die in tradition so they should have the choice, maybe" they" never wanted the change in the first place and cried themselves to sleep privately felt their hearts were being cut out when all the change happened but did not even peep one bit in obedience to the Holy Father and the Church.
If I had a chance to go back and relive it even if I knew I was to die in a month from old age or someother means, I would go back, and this is not just true for the old but the young too.
The young may see that in the future it may really not bea round and they want to experience what grandpa spoke of the good old days.
I’m anxiously waiting to see it happen soon I hope>

(Sorry, pressed the button too soon on the previous post.)
You are incorrect in your assessment of who loves TLM. Maybe it takes a few decades of life to have a good perspective, and to see the “before and after”. A whole range of websites could be dedicated to the reasons for loving this Mass and they exist, I suppose. “Lex orandi, lex credendi” is only one reason. Did I spell that correctly :slight_smile: Young people are flocking to TLM and your comment insults me and others even older than myself.

As usual…:rolleyes:

There are not two sides. There are not two faiths to choose from. There is only one, the Roman Catholic Faith. There are either liberal progressive modernists who have created their own religion, or there are traditionalists who uphold the traditions of the church from time immemorial. To say that those who uphold the traditional doctrines of the Faith are extremists is an insult to Our Lord Jesus Christ. THE TRUTHS OF THE FAITH CANNOT CHANGE. But in the modernist’s world, EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG IS NOW RIGHT, AND EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT, IS NOW WRONG.

Since it’s not actually released yet and we don’t know exactly what it says, it’s hard to judge it. :shrug:


And I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting, either.

Yet another person who think that you can’t go too far to the right. Nobody is saying that the Truths of the Faith cannot change. What I am saying is that peoples’ interpretations of Truth can be wrong. There are two sides of the same disobedient coin that ignore Pastor Aeternus and Unam Sanctam for starters.

Who has ignored Pastor Aeternus and Unum Sanctam?

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