What's your opinion of Reality TV

With the start of a new broadcast season looming next week. Do you think we really need more reality TV?

Reality is what happens when you step away from the screen - TV and/or PC.


From what little I’ve seen (mostly by accident), so-called reality TV has about as much to do with my reality as Star Trek did. And Star Trek was miles more entertaining.


My opinion? its not even real

It depends on what type of “reality” TV you mean. I’ve never watched those like “Big Brother”, “Survivor”, “The Bachelor”, etc., but enjoy “Dancing with the Stars”, “Jon and Kate plus 8”, “Big People, Little World”, “The Amazing Race.”

ooo… i sincerely lllloooooovvvvveeee Project Runway!!!
'There has gotta be a passion in your fashion.'
Then runner up would be - America’s Next Best Dance Crew!
Then following this - The Amazing Race…
but then there is also Gilmore Girls which is not reality.

I am a fan of SURVIVOR and The Amazing Race


Its the gladiator games of our day. Not to say it cant be enjoiable but just that it is base is its plot. (On most shows that means inmature drama and backstabbing). Compition shows are another subject in my mind anyways. A talant competition is just that.

Reality TV can be useful. You can see where the low end of the bell curve is currently anchored.

lol, so true.

I could do without tv period. I’m a radio guy.

See? And in a way, I think the old gladitorial games were a degree…more pure. Aside from the context of spilling your opponents guts, survival was the main goal. Not riches, not fame. Sure, you could eventually get the latter and attain rock-star status, but when you’re in the colloseum, all that matters is staying alive. And to achieve that goal required hard work, perseverance, and perhaps being the dirtiest fighter in the colloseum.

And seeing a fight to the death involving the degenerates presented on many of these shows would be far more entertaining than any of the garbage that they participated in thus far.

And this is coming from a pacifist!:wink:

I watch Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs—is that reality TV? :confused:

I consider all of the Food Network shows “reality TV” since they are not scripted stories. I love cooking shows.

I really enjoy the dance competitions like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. I also watch The Amazing Race because I love seeing the world and the nice teams like father/daughter or the sisters working together, but not Big Brother or Survivor or those trashy shows on MTV.

I’m not impressed with the large number of reality shows on TV, but if actors and writers keep striking periodically we will see more and more “reality” shows. I’ve heard that they are much cheaper to produce than scripted shows with highly paid actors.

I admit, I actually watches some of “the Real Life”–season 2 I think, with “Puck” and the rest of that bogus drek.

Now my opinion is more akin to Rome’s attitude toward’s Carthage :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Amen! Delenda televisionem realitas est!
All the so-called “reality” shows are utterly contrived. If you wanted a real version of, say, Survivor, just plant hidden cameras all over the island, drop off the contestants and sail away. Check back in six months to see how they’re doing, whether they’ve reverted to cannibalism or whatever.

I’m always shocked that women watch The Bachelor. A guy gets to pick his way thru a litter of a dozen ?] women and kick one off every week? It’s an insult to the women and the whole idea of marriage.

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