What's YOUR opinion on President Trump?

I was going to add this to the topic about Trump’s approval rating but that was closed and I did get a moderator OK to post this as a new topic.

To make this interesting, I’m not going to just go with “Approve” or “Disapprove” but go with a 5 point scale plus “Other”.

The choices are:

  1. I think he’s doing a great job, I support him 100%.

  2. I think he’s doing a good job and I support most, but not all, of what he’s doing.

  3. I think it’s too early to judge how he’s doing, I support some of his policies but not others.

  4. I think he’s doing a fair job at best, but there are a couple of his actions I do agree with.

  5. I think he’d doing a terrible job, he’s not my president.

  6. Other.

Yeah, this will be so productive and informative.

I think it’s far too early to judge how he is doing. I support some of his policies such as putting the Mexico City Policy back in place but I oppose others such as his temporary ban on accepting refugees from certain places.

:popcorn::popcorn: I agree. I brought you something.

Well, it might give a good idea of what the people of Catholic Answers Forums thinks but other than that it’s not going to tell us much.

I approve of much of what he has done.

The problem is that he is an insecure, insincere, narcissist and a bully.

He should never have been the Republican nominee. I voted for an independent candidate because of it.

Probably true.

But I think given the current global situation, it’s better than being a pushover and a wimp.

He might be a crude person, but his policies are (generally) effectual, despite the mainstream media histrionics.

Yeah. Supported many of his positions, not his personality. Thought the office would “ennoble” him. Starting to have “buyer’s remorse.”

Oh I think we well know what CAFers think. It’s taken over the forum.

In my opinion, he has done a few good things on the abortion front and I support this.

Other than that, I think he’s done a terrible job so far. But, time will tell.

Like an intestinal virus unfortunately.

I would say 5, but I would not say he is not my president. He is my president, which is what gives me the right to criticize the terrible job he is doing.

How can you tell if he did a good job so far? He’s signed Executive Orders. Anyone can do that. I don’t know how well his meetings with foreign ministers have gone.

My opinion of him generally goes back some 30 years so it’s not really relevant to the OP.

True, but I am quite interested in what the overall CAF take on Trump is. Most of the people who care enough to post either love him or hate him. I personally voted for option 3 because I think it’s way too early to know what kind of president Trump will be overall. And I sometimes wonder if I’m the only CAF poster who doesn’t actually adore or despite him.

I’ve often noticed that replies to polls here often do not trend the same way the posts do. I recall I once asked on the Family Life forum “would you date someone with a no-kissing stance” and while the posted replies were overwhelmingly NO, the actual poll results were close to 50-50.


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this point – it’s so true, and so sad.

My friends and I are all over the political map, but somehow we still manage to be friends. But some people are more concerned about their political beliefs than about their own family and friends. :bighanky:

I don’t like much/most of what President Trump is doing, and I think he is completely lacking in character or morals, but as a proud and hard-working US citizen, he is 100% my president.

I voted other.

I didn’t like him as a candidate, and I don’t much like him now; but he is the president of this country and will be for a very long time; therefore I’m going to give up politics as a semipermanent penance and concentrate on working off my Purgatory. Hopefully some others will do the same.


Funny you should say that. I am seriously thinking of giving up most CAF forums for Lent. Keeping Prayer Intentions. Anyone else?

A lot of what he said before the election would have got him fired from McDonalds :shrug: my opinion on his suitability for the role has only gotten worse.

President Trump gave the country a list of promises and based on those he got elected. He’s now working to fulfill those promises! :slight_smile: He’s got a great heart for working families and common Americans and will make the country safe and strong again. He’s unafraid to abide by his visions even when every power lashes out at him. Just like the campaign season has shown, his presidency will be defined by successful results and supported by ordinary Americans. Go Trump!

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