What's your political affiliation? (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.)


First: I’m not sure where to put a poll like this, so I apologize if this isn’t the right place.

Second: I’m curious about what the Catholics on this forum think about the two current main political parties, which includes the poll.

Third: Is there an aspect of Catholic obligation here? Is there any theological reason to consider yourself part of one party or *not *part of another party?

Fourth: Does the role of “non-negotiable issues” have any play here?*


(Note: Just to clarify one point, I listed the responses in alphabetical order so as not to signify favor towards one party or another.)

  • See Catholic.com’s Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics for details on that issue.


I’m no telling. The whole thing is supposed to be based on a secret ballot. I have never been able tof igure out why anyone would ruin the secrecy and tell any pollster their affiliation or whom they voted for. It really undermines the whole political process. I say leave everyone guessing until the day of the election and the actual results are tabulated.


Does this poll violate the forum rules on political discussions?:confused:


I thought it was just against talking about particular candidates

Discussion of political candidates, including posts that name a candidate, allude to a particular candidate, use euphemisms for a candidate, or refer to surrogates for a particular candidate


This is basically to protect non-profit status, right?


My party affiliation is definitely based on the “non-negotiables” especially the abortion, embryonic stem cell issue and euthanasia. My conscience won’t allow me to vote any other way.


I was a big-L Libertarian. Now I’m morphing into a Red Tory. :slight_smile:


Why do you assume all forum members are American?


Constitution Party is closest for me


I dont chase politicians. In fact I am done with them. they are all the same to me. I dont vote for anyone.


The key issue is, do you vote in occordance with Catholic teaching? I realize that when we look at the name of a particular political party we assume a person will vote a certain way. I hope no matter what party a person belongs to, they vote with the beliefs of the church, such as prolife.

Our priests are encouraged to teach on social issues without ever mentioning the name of any politician or political party. We should be able to do that as well.


yep. but do you know those who you vote for? do you really know what they really stand for?
you probably dont. all you know is what you hear in their campaign which has proven over and over again that they lie.


I have always considered myself a moderate Republican, but the infiltration of the tea baggers is causing me considerable distress.


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