What's your "Prayer Personality"?

I took this quiz on Beliefnet.com and got this result:

60 - 84
Prayer Pragmatist: You pray more than part-time, and your prayer life may be quite active. But your prayers are goal-oriented. Try seeing prayer as more relational. Sit in quiet. Read some scripture or a thoughtful book and meditate on it. Rest in prayer.

I’m curious to see what everyone here will get. Here’s the quiz.

Feel free to post/discuss results!

I also got Prayer Pragmatist, but I feel it’s not entirely accurate. The description says that I see prayer as goal-oriented and should try to see it as relational. In fact, prayer for me is more relational than goal oriented. I see it more as an on-going conversation with God, than as going to Him at specific times with specific needs.

I got the prayer pragmatist result too.

I thought it was a bad quiz over all. There were too many questions where I wanted pick multiple choices–it wasn’t an either or for me. For example, prayer for me is a conversation with God *and *meditation on spiritual truths. Likewise, I pray as in conversion but also with sacred texts or structured prayers. I pray in many different places and in many different ways, but the quiz only let you pick one.

Yup, me too:shrug:

I also scored in the Prayer Pragmatist range. It seemed better than the lower scores, but not where I want it to be. The quiz was not an accurate test, but it gave me food for thought. I need to spend more time on my conversations with the Lord.

Yeah, I agree. There were several in there that I wanted to give more than one answer too. I also got the prayer pragmatist. Most definitely not accurate.

Me five. :smiley:

Me six!!! :eek:

60 - Prayer Pragmatist as well… that’s a strange quiz, though, because the results it comes up with don’t seem to directly bear on the answers! (well, the difficult thing with these quizzes too, of course, is that often none of the available answers is 100% waht you’d like to answer)

It was interesting, though … thank you for posting it!

I don’t know why, but I’ve been curiously wandering around BeliefNet.com and landed on it. It seemed neat. Another neat quiz they have is the Belief-O-Matic where it tells you what religion you might fit well with based on your beliefs.

There’s a glitch in the quiz.

It’s a cute little quiz. But it’s not accurate at all. Most of the questions only allow for one answer. There were several instances where I could have chosen more than one. Fun though, thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

You’ve said it all for me :slight_smile:

And, agreed: it’s not accurate, & it’s too restrictive

Still, it was fun :slight_smile:

To the first poster - Thanks :slight_smile:

I think this quiz is broken. I tried several combinations of answers, and always come out as a “prayer pragmatist”. Same answer no matter whether I choose answers most like me or least like me.

I got prayer pragmatist too.

i scored in the prayer pragmatist section too:thumbsup:


I don’t think the person who constructed this test is imbued with the traditional Catholic view of prayer and the spiritual life. I tweaked by score by changing answers, because the author of this test does not like certain things (like LOTH or kneeling or praying with others).

I got prayer pragmatist too.

I didn’t take the test… I think prayer personality is more how you live your relationship with God. Each of us has a personal way with God. We are all different: get 20 people to draw a bunch of apples on a table and you get 20 different drawings or paintings.

Well, our relationship with God is also quite different one from another. We have a human heart and so we can offer God something that the angels cannot.

We should, each of us, find our ‘‘way’’ , our true self and personality in Christ.

St. Therese was ‘‘the little way of trust’‘
St Augustine was ‘‘the Beautiful and the True’‘
St. Agnes, the young martyr at only 12 years old summed up her whole existance in 2 words …’’ Amo Christum’’ … I love Christ…


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