What's Your Style?


What is my style now? Or what am I aiming for?

Right now it is apartment living/cheap craigslist/ randomness.

What I’m aiming for is modern with a little comfort thrown in. I like the modern look with the simplicity and boldness, but some of that stuff looks super uncomfortable, and I want a livable place! :smiley:

I have a couple of great silver, metal bookcases that I love, and would like another one to replace the cheap fake wood one I have in the corner. I have a couch and a big arm chair. Eventually I would like to cover the sofa in a chocolate brown and the chair in turquoise.

I’ll hang some pictures I’ve taken on the wall with simple frames. As well as a couple of canvas just painted turquoise to add some color since I can’t paint. And I want a nice modern platform bed.

Only question is how am I paying for all of this?! :shrug: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


A combo of librarian classic, the old lady in the (much bigger than it used to be) shoe, garage gameroom, renassaince tea room, gladiator, and an english cottage.

In a nutshell a combination of “I like it just like this because I said so.” and “I couldn’t care less how that is as long it it works efficently and isn’t actively dangerous.”



I don’t know what you would call this…Catholic/Gothic/Eclectic – or eccentric? LOL This is my front entry area…

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Hey Rob’s Wife – good to see you back here, how are you doing? Did you take a holiday break?


** We’ve been puking sick here for the last week. Still, I thought I’d been fairly active.:shrug:**


I would call us ‘neo-Victorian’, if there is such a thing. It looked great in our last house, which was a new construction. Here in this old old old farmhouse, it looks kinda out of place, at least until we get it restored. Hillbillies lived here before us, and put up paneling everywhere (ewwwww!!!) So I’ve toned it down considerably. Also with 2 babies now, it’s got a lot of ‘early childhood’ (I like that one!) thrown in, of course.


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