What's your view of America Magazine?

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted to ask a question about a Catholic periodical I ran across called America Magazine. I’ve gotten a couple of sample issues and I’ve been reading an Advent devotional they put out via text message link for your smart phone (which is a joint venture between them and the American Bible Society). It seems like an interesting enough magazine and is put out by Jesuits, but there were a few things about the devotional that gave me pause and I wanted to know if America has a reputation for being a liberal publication, and if so if it’s still faithful to Catholic teaching? The things that gave me concern are as follows:

  1. The Scripture quotes they use in the devotional are from the NASB. While I personally think highly of this translation and consider it a good literal translation of the Bible, it is disconcerting to see a Catholic publication citing a version of the Bible that is not approved by the Church, seemingly without a specific reason for doing so (such as trying to reach out to groups that use or respect a specific non-Catholic translation)
  2. One devotional referred to Matthew using Mark as a source (i.e. the theory that says that Mark was the first Gospel written and the other gospels, or least the other synoptic gospels, based their writings off of Mark)
  3. Today’s devotional used the phrase “She Who Is”.

Anyone have any experience with America?

I personally have never read America magazine,but I have heard plenty about it.It is a liberal publication and often at odds w/the official teachings of the Church.

I don’t have enough info re America Magazine, but I believe not all of their Articles are written by Catholics. I might be wrong, but believe they allow non-Catholic theologians write articles.

In regards to the Gospel of St Mark being written first, this was on Catholic Answers Live last week. This comes from the Q Source hypothesis, which apparently is not Heresy to believe in. If I find the interview, I will let you know.

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