What's your view on Palmarian Catholic Church?

I have few friends who went to this Church for sometime and he said that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the church in exile and the true church . Church of Rome is no longer holy because it is taken over by devil.
What your view on it?

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It’s not in communion with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, so the charitable thing to say about it is that the people who attend it are confused and need to get on the right track.

Beyond that, we don’t give it any thought. Based on its Wiki article, it’s tiny, schismatic, and has far-fetched beliefs, again putting it charitably.


Do they have albinos?

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Best avoided. It is sedevacantist rejecting HH Francis as the true pope. It has elected its own ‘pope’.

It is schismatic and will only lead to spiritual difficulties.

You can worship according to the Extraordinary Form. I simply advise make sure you do so at a church that is in full communion and where the priest has full faculties from his ordinary.


Thanks for answering . I will do it

Doctrinally, they heretically believe Mary to be present in the Eucharist and the whole foundation of their community is based on Jesus allegedly transferring the primacy from Rome to their new see (contra what was defined at the First Vatican Council).

Their origin stems from certain young seers in the 60s. The bishop dismissed their claims, and they eventually abandoned them–but another guy took them up and held himself out as the new seer. He eventually made himself Pope, and here we are. When he died, they canonized him as Gregrory the Very Great, which kinda tells you all you need to know if the above wasn’t enough. It seems his successors like naming themselves Peter these days (they are on Peter III). They used to have more bishops than laity, but I think they’ve trimmed it down.

Ironically, they also have their own Palmarian sedevacantists who believe the main Palmarians have gone off the rails.


Must be something special to have that kind of ego or mental disturbance, whichever it was.


I probably shouldn’t have…but I chuckled a bit when I read this. Not particularly surprising.


Their previous pope ran off to get married.

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Ah, the fascinating world of sedevacantism!


Well, if you think the fake pope is a fake pope, then . . .
nope, too much of a rabbit-hole for me.


Get enough fake Popes and it will start to look like Casino Royale with seven James Bonds.


Not only schismatic, not only bizarre, but a very, very special kind of bizarre.

Stay far away from these people. You should avoid them like the plague.

I normally adopt an attitude of “no enemies on the right”, when it comes to sedevacantists and other people who have come to different conclusions about the events of the past 60 years, than I have. But for this bunch, I have to make an exception.

They are bad news.


I am surprised they still exist, considering that they are more absurd than the rest of the radtrad split-off churches.

I believe they are based in Spain. The young seers mentioned refer to some girls who claim they saw the Virgin Mary at garabandal . You can Google it.it was not approved by their bishop.

History has shown us that there is no set of ideas that is too absurd to form the basis of someone’s religion. At least none have been found so far.

It’s a heretical cult that literally worships Mary. They’re not Sedevacantists because they believe there’s a Pope (Antipope Peter III), they’re not Conclavist because they believe that God directly appointed them a Pope (instead of through a Conclave). They’re what would be called ‘Mysticalists’ (Sedevacantists who believe that God has appointed a new Pope through some vision or apparition). However, because of the different types of Palmarians (there’s literally a group of independent Palmarians who believe in Palmarianism but were excommunicated) they’re really their own group. Their Holy Orders might be valid (because the Vatican has treated some of the Thuc ordinations as valid), but there is still some question.


Well, since schism begets schism, I am not surprised.

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One of their “popes” up and quit to go co-habit with his girlfriend. When asked about it, he shrugged and said something like, “It was all a scam.”
Sorry if I offend, but I think this group is a crazy and harmful cult. I’d keep far away from them. If you’re a convinced sedevacantist, why not join Pius V?

Sedevacantism isn’t an all-or-nothing, like an on-off switch. You can be somewhat sede, your friend can be more so. It’s a continuum.

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