Wheelchair ad roils Texas gov. race


Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ latest television ad directly references gubernatorial rival Greg Abbott’s partial paralysis — including the image of an empty wheelchair — to charge the Republican with hypocrisy.

The spot says Abbott filed a lawsuit following the accident that led to his paralysis, but then worked to limit liability to other accident victims. The Abbott campaign calls the ad a “historic low.”

Read more: politico.com/story/2014/10/wendy-davis-greg-abbott-wheelchair-ad-111783.html#ixzz3Fm6jqRnv

Possibly the worst campaign in history But then when your only claim to fame is defending the right to dismember 23 week old children you cant get much lower.


That woman has absolutely no shame.


This again? :doh2:

If the Democrats have it right, why do they need to resort to this nonsense?

I hope my fellow individuals are taking sharp notice of this from the party that is supposed to have a monopoly on caring.


If it is true that Abbott received millions and then worked to limit what other deserving people should have received then I don’t see a problem. It should be Abbott who feels shame. Instead of feeling shame he attacks someone who points out the truth.



Time for the left to circle the wagons!


You are the first person I have seen on either side of the aisle defend this


I agree.

I use a wheelchair, myself, on occasion, and my niece uses one. Also, besides that, I work with people with disabilities. I am focusing on the arguments, NOT the wheelchair.

Don’t let a wheelchair distract one from the issues. Stay focused on the issues, and the issue, to me, is not the chair, or shouldn’t be. Don’t let it force you get sidetracked, side with him out of misguided pity.

These arguments, if founded, show him to be very hypocritical, basically, and exercising poor judgement in a number of circumstances. I’d need to hear his side before making up my mind, but I would be concerned about his judgement, or lack of it, as well.

I won’t pity him just because he uses a wheelchair, don’t think we should, either.

Some can try to portray people who use a wheelchair as sort of saintlike, but no, we need to be realistic. We have good and bad among us.

Ten million also does seem like a lot if a tree fell on him.

Would I sue for $10 million if a tree fell on me, don’t know unless I were in that circumstance, but I hope not.

Also, he seems to get on the wrong side of issues. He defends a rapist?

When someone loses a limb, he tells them it’s no big deal. When he is hurt, he wants $10 million? They have my attention.


They aren’t founded. The legislation capped punitive damages, not compensatory damages. Someone injured can still sue for huge amounts and win if their injuries warrant such amounts.


The ad caught my attention as well. If the things are true then it doesn’t put him in a very good light.


Still, $10 million seems like a lot of money.


Let me put it this way:

The alternative is a pro-choice candidate.


It does seem like a lot until you consider that the $6M (not $10M) he is receiving in a structured settlement (annual payments) has to cover his lifetime medical expenses that are a result of the accident. He was in his 20s when this happened.

If someone is permanently injured, through no fault of their own, and can expect a lifetime worth of medical bills reaching into the millions, should that person be expected to cover those bills or should the person who caused the injury cover them?


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