When a friend smells really bad!

Lol, someone with morning sickness shouldn’t be reading this thread, I should know better :).

OP, are you able to pinpoint what type of smell? I have had to deal with this too, its not fun, but depending on the circumstances, you might be helping the person out. Like others have mentioned, anything from diet to medicines to medical conditions to hygienic issues could be the culprit. If there is any way to narrow it down, that might help with the approach. Also, does he live alone or with family/roommates? Is he a teen, young adult, adult?

Never have figured out the idea of putting something seemingly nice smelling over something that stinks! The stink must be cleaned away. Otherwise, you’ve got this STINK with this blow me over used to be pleasant but now stinks smell!!!

I wonder if he thinks it stinks but can’t FIND the stink. I went through my kitchen for 3 days before I realized something icky was under the water cooler… Needless to say the whole place had been steralized by then…

Dead rodents in the walls? I’ll never foget the day my dad took an axe to his closet…

Why dont you ask your friend why his house smells. He might know

:rotfl: about 9 years ago there was this terrible smell (rotten egg smell) in my dad’s house, we searched everywhere and found an uneaten Easter egg in my sister’s coat pocket (it was about 3 weeks after Easter). So after all the cleaning from that and opening the windows to help air out the house the smell was still there and getting worse. My brother cleaned out his snake cage and lo and behold, under the fake rock was a dead mouse from who knows how many weeks. The poor thing died from fright and starvation instead of at the jaws of the snake.

:rotfl: Oh boy that is too funny!

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