When a mob came to tear down the statue of St. Louis in St Louis, Missouri, a priest and Catholics praying there stood in their way

St. Louis police officers formed a line between those saying prayers and those who want the St. Louis statue removed.

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One heroic priest who is not afraid to stand up to the mob.


God bless him and those praying peacefully.


What courage that young preist has!

And what a great visual illustration of the opposing sides in this conflict. On one, thoughtful, rational dialogue on historical truths, seeking to inform and persuade, on the other a violent mob shouting incoherently, fueled by hatred, seeking to destroy literally everything in it path indiscriminately.

The longer this continues, fewer and fewer will support this revolutionary movement that has moved far beyond seeking justice against police brutality.


We need more like him


Thanks be to God.


Saint Louis, pray for this Priest.


May God bless them all and may St. Louis pray for them.


“Before the demonstration, St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones was blasted on social media for calling those opposed to toppling the statue “an alt-right/KKK rally.””

Does she not know Catholics were persecuted and hated by the KKK?


Brainless government bureaucrats falling all over themselves in an effort to appease the mob.


Unfortunately, she was right. What was supposed to originally be a Catholic protest was infiltrated and co-opted by members of a well known white supremacist organization, which is what prompted the counter-protest.

The priest in question was rather foolish in letting it appear that he was a supporter, or even a leader, of the white supremacists. Intentionally or not, he did a lot of damage to the local Church’s relations with racial minorities and their supporters.

He should have sought advice from the diocese before wading into such treacherous waters, with laity in tow.


Probably not. Most people today are unaware of or else just dismiss the persecution of Catholics and of Catholic immigrant groups in America. I have explained this and other things, like Irish being plantation slaves, to several people, who received it with varying degrees of open-mindedness.


So what, a questionable organization comes in and now that they’re involved, everyone should just throw their hands in the air and let them control the counter-protest narrative? I don’t think so. Catholics have been praying outside there for days, and now that group gets to control the whole thing and Catholics need to back off? No.


What is the name of the “well known white supremacist organization”?

Where was it reported they were at that staue?


The fact is that the white supremacists did end up in control, and the Catholics let themselves be co-opted, if only intentionally.

So yes, the Catholics should have withdrawn when they saw they were no longer in control of the protest, and were merely being used by the white supremacists.

Or they should have visibly reacted against the white supremacists and distanced themselves clearly from them, which as far as I can tell, they did not attempt, rather sticking around and letting the white supremacists run the show, while, intentionally or not, providing them with “moral support”.

The Proud Boys.


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So multiple people who were there to protect the statue from being taken down during an initiative that has lasted for days should move because of five people? And leave it to those five? That’s extremely unreasonable. They do not own the narrative. Somehow the BLM protests should be viewed as separate from the violent rioters, but the Catholics should be blamed because a minority showed up and they didn’t abandon their just cause.


Of course there weren’t only five. How naive can you be? A second white supremacist organization has also now been identified: The Invaders Motorcycle Club. And more were likely involved, as well.

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Your own article said there were five.

“While there were five men at the gathering who identified themselves as members of the Proud Boys, those whose names have been confirmed as of this writing are Mike Lasater and Luke Rohlfing.”


That article states 5 people at the protest were members of “The Proud Boys.” If they are well known, they must not be well organized.

It looked like a very large mob of people there to try to topple the statue of St. Louis. Did the mob just decide to do that after they saw The Proud Boys there? Or did they come to do that regardless of who would be there standing in their way?


The counter-protesters were there because they found out the white supremacists would be attending. The Catholics were not their intended target, and foolishly let themselves be caught up in the confrontation.

If you guys want to engage in some fantasy about some vast anti-Catholic conspiracy theory, knock yourselves out. Far be it from me to spoil your fun.

But I don’t think either the priest pictured or the laity with him were too happy about having their party crashed and suborned by the alt-right. And I doubt the bishop is going to be pleased, either.

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