When a person wants nothing to do with you anymore

From a catholic perspective, what woukd be the best action to take when someone you care about becomes distant and ultimately draws the conclusion they want nothing to do with you anymore.


Is this a spouse, a parent, a child?

No none of this sort…a friend.

I’m more concerned on detatchment from it.

Hang around with other people until you stop thinking about them


Possibly finding an opportunity to ask why ?
Even just a simple texted or written message saying exactly how you feel .If that’s ignored then I would leave it in Gods hands and just remember to pray for them .


You can ask the friend why they became distant. If they respond, then you can decide what to do based on the response.

If they do not respond, or tell you that they don’t want to be friends any more, are too busy, wish to be left alone etc then respect their wishes and don’t contact them any more.

Alternatively, you can choose to not ask them about it, and just let the friendship fade away naturally. It’s normal for some friendships to fade away when the two people go in different life directions, or one gets very involved with a romantic partner, children, or an interest the other friend doesn’t share.

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Furthering Tis’s good advice, it would be wise to ask the Holy Spirit to help you examine your interactions with this person, and see whether there is a deficiency in your personality that may have caused this person to react this way.

I recently abandoned a friendship after prayerfully considering whether or not our relationship was producing the fruitfulness described by St. Francis de Sales in this chapter. It may help you, as well.

You’ve already received excellent advice, but I just want to tell you that I understand how painful and debilitating this can be, particularly if you cherished the friendship or had no intention of distancing yourself. It is always good to reflect on ourselves and where we may be “deficient” in our personality, but I would suggest not doing so in this instance until you are at a point of significant detachment. It is not necessary to add pain to pain in order to heal. Take this in your own time and at your own pace. And remember how very much God desires your friendship and will never, ever “want nothing to do with you anymore”. Ever.


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Yes, and also when you are at the point where you can more objectively consider this, keep in mind that the other person might have “deficiencies” as well. Or it might be a case of “there ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy”.

Friends are not like spouses. There is no duty to commit to a friendship till death do you part. While people should try not to be deliberately hurtful or rude, they also can’t take responsibility for the feelings of every friend they might have. Most people put their spouse, kids, parents and other immediate family needs first, and only then have some space for a limited number of friends.


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