When a priest can't help, then what?

Please pray I will have the courage to make an appointment

Ok, here is what to do. Get off the internet right now @Lucy_1, and I will pray as you make your phone call. Go on now, I will wait. :wink:

No, really, call right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I called about an hour ago. No one answered so I left a message for an appointment. If they don’t call back by this afternoon, I’ll call back. Ugh, dread speaking to a priest face to face


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I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Can you please pray for courage for me, that the Holy Spirit would give Father wisdom and lead him in what to say, that I would have clarity about what God wants, and that my actions would be pleasing to Him? Thanks


You will be in my prayers. I hope all goes well, and you can find peace about what is troubling you.

:tada: You did it! Will pray for you!

I think this is a very good thing to do. God assigned each one of us a personal guide to help us. We should daily and nightly and in all circumstances, ask our guardian angel to prepare our path to make sure it leads safely to God.

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Hooray! I’ll pray for you! That’s awesome you took that step and made that appointment! Good luck!!!

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Prayers for you, Lucy.
Hoping that the talk with Father goes well and that the Holy Spirit helps you with your decisions, and gives you peace and tranquillity.

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First, you aren’t a “weirdo”. You’re seeking answers. Nothing weird about that.

Secondly, I don’t quite get the contradiction. First, you say it may be a matter of grave sin, but then you don’t think it’s a mortal sin because you don’t think they meet the three conditions. In that case, while they may involve grave matter, they wouldn’t be grave sins if they don’t meet the criteria.

Can you make an appointment with a priest to confess those matters? Calling the parish office instead of trying to e-mail a priest would be your best option for obtaining an appointment.

As for the priest who said he didn’t know what to do, some situations are so gray that it really is hard to know, sometimes. But, maybe another priest will have more light concerning it. Keep trying until you can find one who can help. I suspect it won’t be that difficult, if you persevere.

Certainly will. God bless you!

Thanks guys. I saw Father this afternoon, and he said not to worry about any of it, that none of the choices were morally wrong. I don’t know if I have scruples or what. I didn’t go to the priest I normally do, so I hope he wasn’t heterodox. I guess I just have to trust he isn’t.


Good for you!

Please, Do not start second guessing. Or comparing priests, Believe what he said and get on with your life. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, that’s reassuring. I will try. :heart:

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